Should I reserve a Fastpass for Festival of the Lion King?


Should I reserve a Fastpass for Festival of the Lion King?
Just selected Expedition Everest and Kilimanjaro Safaris, what else should I get?
Is it worth reserving a Fastpass for a show? And how does that work in comparisation to fast passes for rides?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Generally I would say No - it’s not worth FP’ing most shows as they have large capacity and you get in if you show up on time. It also depends on if there’s something else you want to FP at AK though. Dinosaur would be the normal recommendation, Primeval Whirl or Kali would be the others to consider although depending on time of year, Kali can be walk on. If you don’t plan on riding any of those 3 other options, then there’s no real reason not to FP Lion King…

Damavs is correct. Nemo is probably a decent 4th option after those 3 rides and before Lion King. If you are going when they open that night show I would switch the 3rd fast pass for that.

I am interested in riding Dinosaur, Primeval Whirl and Kali. However, we’ll start early and I expect a walk-on at dinosaur, since we’ll start our day with that ride.

Our visit is at the 28th of October.

I’ve never used a FPP for a show. If I was going to and planned on seeing both shows on the same day, I’d probably choose to use it for Nemo vs. FotLK. The way FotLK is set up (in the round), none of the seats are terribly far from the action. The Nemo theater is a standard proscenium theater, and the seats in the back are pretty far away from the stage.

There is a “chance” ROL may be running by then. If it is, that would be hands down the best 3rd FPP choice.

I’ve reserved a FP for a show, but never been able to use one. If you don’t show up before they let standby into the FP reserved section, it’s a complete waste. And if you’ve got to be there 15 minutes (or whatever) before the show starts to use it, where’s the time savings? I personally won’t reserve a FP for any show in the future, with the possible exception of Rivers of Light.

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