Should I optimize or evaluate?

I did my whole list of TPs using evaluate, but someone just pointed out to me that I have a lot of wasted time in my days. I initially wanted to keep the walking to a minimum, but is that just unrealistic? Should I just allow it to be optimized since I’m a first timer and don’t know any better?

I say create a second TP and on this one use optimize. Use the one you like the best or create a 3rd one with the best parts off both plans. You can always delete plans.

I definitely like optimize since it will give me the shortest wait times, but I hate that I can’t ask it to move one plan. For example, it has me riding Expedition Everest back to back, first thing in the morning and then going to Kali Rapids at 9:30. I’d prefer to do that one later in the day when it’s hotter.

You can switch each attraction, and move it wherever you’d like to at anytime with the move up/move down options. If you re-optimize, however, you are requesting that the system make the best choices for you based on walking / wait times. If you move them around and hit Evaluate, then the system will leave the list alone, and then provide estimates. Use optimize, then teak to your liking, then evaluate. Water rides are a great example of when most ppl would use the evaluate option. You can simply move the water ride to the last ride of the day, or wherever you’d like it, leave everything else alone, then use the evaluate option.

My solution to this is to not include KRR in my AK plans. Once I come up with an Optimized plan that I like, I then add KRR where I want it to be and then Evaluate and see if I like the resultant plan.


You can also tweak your preferences using the system’s controls for limiting walking / limiting wait times, and see how that works when you optimize.

For rides that I might want to do at a specific time, I create my optimized plan, move the ride of interest to its desired time, and evaluate. Then I have an estimated wait time and schedule a “break” for that time and that duration. Then hit optimize again. Seems to work for KRR and for doing KS twice in a day but at two different times of the day and for riding BTMMR or Dumbo at night.

Hey Momfour -
I’m not understanding why you would do this, but I want to.
Why wouldn’t you just move the attraction where you want it, and then use the Evaluate option, and be done? Why enter it as a break as a placeholder and re-optimize?

You are right, I think optimize, move, and then evaluate would still give you a great plan of attack. My thinking (which admittedly may be flawed) was if you remove an attraction or two from a TP and move to later (like BTMRR and Dumbo after Wishes), the TP may have a better way to optimize the remaining attractions during the rest of the day. And with a set break time entered to represent the attraction(s), optimize could rearrange the other things but not move the “break”. Not sure if it makes sense but it was my crazy way of thinking of a work around.


That’s actually a genius plan!

I agree with your thinking, as I have done this too! :slight_smile: One additional Jedi Trick when doing this is to set up your break as a Meal Break at the closest restaurant - that way the Optimizer will know the approximate location of the attraction that you are doing and include that into the mix.

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Ok, I get it now.
Brklinck has a great plan for this. The area of the break would matter if you want to keep the attraction in it’s place, if you’d like to re-optimize to see if the software would re-org your steps before and after the break (attraction.) This would also mean if your plans change because of crowd levels, or adding attractions (or whatever reason) you could re-optimize on the fly in the park and keep that attraction (break) in place as a constant, and not have to move it where you wanted to after re-optimizing, and re-evaluating.

Thanks for explaining, Momfour and brklinck! Great idea!

After reading @momfourmonkeys and @brklinck’s responses, I am re-reminded of how friggin’ awesome this site and its wonderful people are. And it makes me a little sad for those people not in the know who are planning trips. :grinning:

Honestly? I hate the idea of a touring plan. I created them just to see for our trip a few weeks ago and as soon as I though it through it just wasn’t my bag. I like being able to do what I want when I want… making it to dinner reservations is hard enough. Also, with the DS4, I like to be able to be really flexible. If people are getting grumpy, it’s time for a snack or to head back to the resort. That said, I get that I’m probably in the minority. I’d toss the plans, personally.