Should i move things around to do EMH at HS?

my ADR was the week before the announcement for TSL opening and then the extra EMH for July at HS. WE arrive on 28th July late. I currently have plans for MK on 29th, Epcot with arkhuus for breakfast on 30th, typhoon lagoon with dinner at Saana on 31st. We were not planning HS until 2nd when we have beaches and cream booked for 2pm ( just ice cream) and then sci fi diner later in evening. Do you think i should swab the 31st and 2nd august round and take advantage of the EMH hours at 7am to get access to TSL, and go to TL just for morning on 2nd. I can probably swab all the meal reservations except the beaches and cream one. Or shoudl i keep to my plan and avoid the EMH as will be too busy anyway.

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If you’re absolutely certain you can be at DHS for 6:30am, then I would say go for the EMH day. The extra early EMH days can be really beneficial because few people can actually get there in time.

But I find Sci Fi can be surprisingly difficult to get, so I would see if you can swap the ADRs around before committing!