Should I listen to the SIL?

My sister in law keeps telling me that if half of the party has FPP the whole group can go in together. She has 4 in her party and I have 4 in mine. Is that the case? Should I listen to her and risk not getting in? Or should I book the same FPP to make sure we get to go in?

No that’s not the case, you need to book for all of you.

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No that is not the case.

If you have a party of 8 and only manage to get FPs for 7, when you get to the CM in front and explain the situation they are likely to let everyone in. But they will also be able to see the scheduled FPs of the people who don’t have one, so don’t use that as an loophole to get extra FPs for some people.

Also, when that happens you block the FP line explaining the situation and that will make FP holders behind you waste a couple of minutes.


Even if a CM might let one or two people in if a larger group has FPPS, I sure wouldn’t count in it.

The only situation where I suppose you could consistently make it work having less FPPs than people is if you have little ones that can’t ride a particular ride and are doing rider swap. I am not an expert on RS, so can’t speak to techniques so someone else would have to speak to that.

But under normal circumstances, 1 FPP per person for sure.


Yes they might, but they’re in no way obliged to (I know you’re not saying they are) and there’s a huge difference between 7 in a group of 8 having a FP and only 4. We were held up on numerous occasions in August - mainly at AK on the same day weirdly, though they were all different parties - by groups trying to all get in when only a couple had FPs, and they mainly didn’t get in. One group did get in, I think 4 had a FP and 2 didn’t.

I wonder if this ‘tip’ has been mentioned on a blog or podcast and that’s why so many were trying their luck.


Totally agree, no one should be doing that on purpose. I was just complementing your response with an edge case.


Thank you mentioning this. FPs are not easy to get, most of the time. The people behind the guy arguing with the CM have put in the time, money, or both to get those FP, and it’s not fair to them.

Don’t be that guy.

Likewise, those of us with FPs need to be on time so we’re not that guy, either!


For our last trip there were groups of Brazilians that were trying to get large parties through the FP line with literally one or two people with a valid FP. It totally messed up the queue for folks who had legitimate FP. As someone who has lived overseas, the culture differences about disregarding the rules is amazing :wink:


Weirdly enough, the one I remember the best is when we were behind a party of six who were early- the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. Like, a couple of hours early- at 7DMT.

I’m thinking, “Crikey, be glad you got six FPs at all!”

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