Should I leave and go eat at City Walk?

Hello. I am trying to plan for a party of 7. All with different taste, however there seem to be better restaurants in City walk. We are only going for 1 day. We have 1 day to do as much as we can. How far is City walk and is it worth leaving the park to eat there? Is that normal to leave and eat at City Walk? Are there any healthy places to eat in the park?

With just one day, I would stay and eat in the parks. You can check out the menus on the Touring Plans website to decide if there is anything that fits your party. Maybe you can do a late dinner on City Walk after the park has closed.

CityWalk is right outside of the gates. It will take time to walk out and then walk to a restaurant (no longer than 10 minutes) and on your return you will have to scan back in. Have you looked at Mythos? They take reservations and are in IoA.

Thank you. I will try to stay inside.

I think it’s fine, but it depends where you will be in the park, if you’re right at the back it will take ages to walkto the front. But once you’re at the front, you’re there. There are some great choices.

I have to say we are at Cowfish and Toothsome’s this weekend and we were very happy with both.


Cowfish in Citywalk is great I agree

Inside the park though Mythos is very good for lunch

It’s calm, relaxing and good air conditioning and if I had just one day at Universal I would dine there as it’s also close to some good rides I seem to remember that you can hit just before or after lunch

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Mythos FTW. However, if you have a lot of different palates and are looking for something quick, you might look at eating in the food court in Simpsons. Certainly not fine dining, but there are some unique choices. If you’re looking to blitz both parks commando style, it’s an option.