Should I hop?

Hello! I am being very indecisive about finalizing our plans for my Memorial Day weekend trip. The trip is DH, me, DS9, DS5, and DS9months. The grandparents have offered to keep the littlest one, but I think we are leaning towards bringing him. My DH doesn’t ride anything that the baby can’t so it doesn’t really affect our touring plans. We have 3.5 parks days. Right now I have four day tickets through MVT. But with the updated hours for May I am thinking of adding hoppers.

We are staying at the Contemporary Garden Wing (yeah - MVT) -having the little one my justification for booking the Contemporary. Staying so close to the MK was my justification for adding a fourth day. Disney Math at its finest.

Plan 1:
Day 1 - MK
Day 2 - Epcot
Day 3 - Undecided. I am holding FP for AK - 5:40 for FOP which I haven’t done. But my DH is not an AK fan. I am in theory but it is always so hot. I thought we could go to a water park and then maybe AK. Or ditch it and go to MK again.
Day 4 (until about 2) - MK

Plan 2: Hopping
Day 1 - MK
Day 2 - Epcot and HS. We have a GG breakfast which we love so I would like to start at Epcot. Is it possible to get same day FP for anything at HS these days? Really only interested in Star Tours and ToT. I am not doing standby for Toy Story.
Day 3 - With hoppers, probably pool, AK, and then hop to MK since it is now open late.
Day 4 - We have CP breakfast. Then MK until MDE pickup

Do you think that is enough to warrant hoppers? Is it too ambitious? Any other ideas?

Although I always have hoppers (Military Salute tix come that way), if I only have 4 park days, I rarely hop - unless it’s at the end of the day and I’m hopping to a park that’s open much later than the park I’m leaving.


Just got back from our first trip. It was 6 days and we had hoppers. We stayed at BW, and was easy to do 2-3 parks per day, if 2 were EP and HS. We didn’t have much problem getting an evening FP in HS. coaster was tougher than tower or Star tours. It can be done depending when you finish your first 3 and start looking.
Others told me not to hop. We didn’t hop every day but it was a nice option to shake things up when it was hot and crowded or we were tired. We’d take a break and then often hit a closer park. Or just eat at Epcot and then finish somewhere else.
Have fun!


No response, really, to the content. Just wanted to say thank you, once again, for your service to this country :us:


Will you be taking breaks back to the hotel? That makes hopping that much easier, as you’ve already left a park.


Entrance to the water parks is not included in regular park hopper tickets, so if you wanted to do that you’d have to buy separate water park tickets, or the “water parks and more” (or whatever they’re called), which probably wouldn’t be worth it. I think it’d be too ambitious to try to do pool time and AK and MK all in one day. My kids are 8, 6, and almost 4 and I can’t imagine trying to do that with them!

I personally don’t think I’d bother with the cost of hoppers and the actual travel of hopping to HS just for two rides. You could have a much more relaxing day just staying in one spot. If there are other things you want to do in HS then I might have a different opinion, it just seems like a lot of travel time for just a couple of rides.

What about
Day 1: MK
Day 2: Epcot
Day 3: Sleep in, go to a water park, maybe do a dinner on the monorail line or at Whispering Canyon Cafe, pack, etc. Or go to a water park and then to whichever park you can go straight to from the water park.
Day 4: check out and go to MK

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We don’t usually take breaks. I find the transportation stressful and then my kids won’t take a nap anyway. I try to have a table service dinner to rest a little.

Thanks for the reply. We have tickets with MVT which has bonus feature of a waterpark entrance or mini-golf. I wanted to do something different this trip so thought we would take advantage. But that might be ambitious with a baby in tow.

Your suggestion is close to my original plan. I am just tempted to squeeze in as much as possible. Plus I would like to to do FOP and still have some MK time.

Oh, well that’s a nice perk! Good luck deciding what to do! Hard to find a good balance without wearing everyone out too much!

I have never not had hoppers. It is a matter of preference . I guess I have a very short attention span :wink:. My usual day in the world have a park in the morning, break back at the resort for some pool time and then night time at a second park. I tend to plan my days as AM/PM blocks.


Well, her original Plan 1 didn’t have any hopping except that one day, and then a waterpark, AK, and MK all in one day. Plan 2 only has the one day of major hopping and the other day is to HS but only for two rides. I haven’t been to Disney in a long time but I have been to all four parks and both waterparks and it just would be out of my own personal preference to go to a park for just two rides or to do three things not right next to each other in one day. Two, yes. Three, one being a waterpark where you’re in the sun and swimming and such…eh. Too much for me. We won’t be doing hoppers on our upcoming trip but we have two weeks and three pretty little kids AND are staying off site. I’d love to do hoppers when my kids are older…it was lots of fun when I’ve done it before.

I think it really is a matter of preference and where you are staying. Even a water park would be added to my AM/PM plan. Of course I am the crazy person that also did this with a 20 month old!

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I’ve done lots of crazy stuff with toddlers, but I’m not sure I’d ever voluntarily attempt three WDW parks in one day with one! Yes, I think everyone is just different and has different levels of comfort with stress, tired kids, and so on. I’ve learned about myself that simple is best as far as keeping myself and my kiddos in good moods. I can totally see us doing something like a waterpark in the morning and then another park in the evening…I can’t see us doing a waterpark and then two more parks. I think I’d die of grumpiness! Maybe when my kids are older and have more stamina!

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I am a little crazy and take my kids everywhere. I also think that a baby is easier than a toddler sometimes when traveling. However, I might have got carried away especially with the travel times to and from the park. We would just sleep in, have some pool time and go to MK mid afternoon until about 7:00 and then MK until we dropped.

I think I have a new plan that is probably cheaper and less intense.

Day 1 - Arrival Day - I was going to just swim/have dinner. But if I add a day to our tickets then we can hit MK in the evening. We land at 3 so could be in the park by about 6. There are EMH until midnight. I doubt we will go that long, but at least they don’t close at 9.

Day 2 - Epcot - later start but stay until close. Maybe Garden Grill lunch or dinner.

Day 3 - MK - we could have a mid-day break to swim.

Day 4 - Waterpark and Animal Kingdom or whatever the kids want to do

Day 5 - MK/departure

Now I would just have to switch some fastpasses around. I would even love to switch Days 3 and 4 but couldn’t switch AK fastpasses for FOP. It would be easier if the park hours were released sooner.

Less crazy?

easy for me to say, but that looks very doable. every day you add tickets for is less per day, so that makes it justifiable even for partial days. days 3&4 are still good since your midday break is when you are at MK and it’s the middle of your trip.

We have a 16-hour layover in Dubai in a few weeks and I planned it that way, knowing we’ll have jet-lagging kids and all! I’ve never been there so I’m up for a day of crazy. Lots of crazy days in a row…not so much, as much as is in my control! :joy: My kids are troopers and get hauled around a lot, as well.

I think your new plan looks less crazy and more not-make-mama-crazy-with-the-grumpies. :slightly_smiling_face:

16 hours in Dubai sounds awesome and much braver than any possible Disney day. Good luck!


Ahh, but see, it’s only one day. Like I said, I’m totally up for crazy. For like 24 hours and then life needs to get uncrazy really quick! :joy: Good luck with your planning!

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