Should I go? Why am I debating it?

Coming to you all to talk me into just booking this trip already. DD’s spring break falls the week before Easter (Apr 4-8), so I feel obliged to take advantage of this non-traditional lower crowd spring break period (ok not low crowd but lower than the week of Easter). I have not yet booked because of the recent spike in covid. But now that it is subsiding and DH is on the tail end of Omicron (he caught it but DS, DD, and I are all good), its time to start acting on this if we are going to do it. So why am I hesitating? Is it because I like planning WDW trips well in advance because I enjoy the anticipation? Is it knowing that crowds will be much higher than our Sept 2020 and May 2021 trips? Is it the fear of over-booking us because we have FOMO and have to do everything, including DH’s request for UOR (he’s never been)? Is it still the nerves of DS4 catching covid and having a rare difficult case (since he is under age to be vaccinated)? Or is it using the time off of work and possibly pulling DD from school for a couple of days? Please…voices of reason…I am coming to you because I think I know the answer you will all give me. And for whatever reason, I need the coaxing.


One thing to note is that under 5 vaccines might be coming in the next month or so. It’s possible that your youngest could get partially vaccinated before your trip- would that impact your decision?


That might make me feel a bit better about it, thanks. Maybe I feel a bit selfish that the rest of us are protected in some fashion but he is not. All while knowing most child cases are mild. Darn that momma guilt…


We are almost never going to say, “Don’t Go” so if that’s what you’re looking for you’ve come to the wrong site.

If you’re looking for us to say, “DO IT!” well, here we are.


I was just gonna the same thing.


Also, I was thinking the same thing…enablers!


You can catch Covid just about anywhere, so don’t let that stop you. Remember that time in 2020 when WDW actually closed their doors? What if that happens again? Goooooooooooo!!!


You can catch covid at home. It’s not just at Disney World. Take the trip. I’ve done one covid Disney parks trip in November 2020 and a Disney Cruise trip in October 2021. No covid on either trip. Vaccinated DH got covid in August 2021 and DD18 got Covid last week as a college freshman. But not at Disney. Take the trip!!!


I think the uncertainty of life this far into the pandemic is such a mindfuck that it’s harder to make long term plans than it ever was before. We’ve seen life change and stop and stand still in a moment’s notice and it can be hard to restart and return to that 2019 life. That said, go on the trip and just take all the precautions you’ve been taking for years now and hopefully you’ll have a wonderful time.


My parents are there now for two weeks onsite and having a very good time.

We’ve been 4 or so times since reopening, and are planning a trip this month as well as spring break next month.

Everyone has their own comfort level for sure.

WDW continues to be one of my favorite places.

I’ve always felt safer there than many places here at home.


Honestly, I came here because I know what the answer will be. I just can’t figure out why I’m hesitant. So this plea is for y’all to talk some sanity into me. Thanks!


Try different N95s and all of the versions (Im not up on the lingo for them, the first one I tried was fine for short plane ride and used cloth after that). Maybe once you get comfortable with a few types, you’ll feel more comfortable about the trip in whole.

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I think its just dawned on me. I’m hesitating because it feels indulgent. A friend on social media just posted about how shocked he was at what it costs to take a family of 4 to WDW and commented Walt would be rolling in his grave to know that it is not affordable for so many. He’s not wrong; but I don’t know that I feel that strongly to boycott the happiest place on earth. Also, I am not an indulgent person by nature. I function out of necessity, which has been exacerbated by the past 2 years. This week, has been especially difficult with DH in isolation with Omicron and the kids out of school with no babysitter while I work from home (in a particularly challenging role lately). Its not about whether the trip is worth the time/money. It needs to be about am I (and my family) worth the time/money investment in this vacation. 1000% yes to see the smiles on my kids’ faces. I think this trip is a go!

Next question, what are your best answers to the question “You’re going to Disney again???” :slight_smile:


My answer would be, yep! we love it! :blush:

Really though, I have learned to just not talk about it with those who don’t understand or would say something like that.


So I am over the nickel and diming myself and the price hikes are disgusting and astronomical. Make no mistake.

But, I was watching that defunctland video about fast pass history, and amid all of the information about the fast pass program and it’s history, there was a graphic depicting the statistic of how many visitors the parks have each year. And it led me to understand that way more people are visiting today than ever before. Even taking population growth into account it seems that a larger percentage of people who want to visit are visiting than ever before.

So I don’t know if I still quite believe this anymore, the idea that more people are priced out today than in Walt’s time. Which has nothing to do really with your trip or your decision of whether or not to go. It’s just something that has been rattling around in my brain since I watched that video a week or so ago.


I don’t feel any need to justify myself to anyone who isn’t intimately involved in my finances. My answer is “Yup”.

The end.


I get this from people. I just say I love it, why wouldn’t I go again.


Thank you! I always appreciate seeing both sides of the coin. This is quite a valid point!

“Yepper-do!” Or, “Yepper-do! Judgy McJudgerson,” depending on the relationship I have with the asker.

Have a great trip!


Smile and say “Yes, yes I am. No one asks people why they go back to the same beach for vacation. My “beach” happens to be Disney.”

I tell people it’s the one vacation that I have things planned. We aren’t looking at each other going “where should be eat tonight”. I don’t have to drive anywhere. I don’t have to cook or do laundry. When we go t the beach I have to do both of those. A Disney vacation lets me enjoy the vacation.