Should I get FP

On 3/15 we are likely going to AK in the morning and HS in the evening. The top priorities are Lion King and Kilimanjaro plus a walk through discovery island. Then frozen singalong, toy story mania, auto show (1:20 or 4:10) and Fantasmic at 8:30. Other things can be put in as possible. Is it worth trying to do fp or not? Can’t get both toy story and fantasmic. Last time we didn’t get into fantasmic at first and had to wait outside sitting on ground for quite some time, which wasn’t fun; the advantage was we sat in the back and weren’t getting out last. I think I have read that fp is not worth it for auto show and maybe some others. Suggestions? How long is the bus between these two parks?


Looking at what you want to do, and assuming you do not want to wait two hours in line, I would FP Toy Story, the sing a long, and pick a 3rd at Hollywood Studio. Yes, you alway, always use FPs.

Agree with @PrincipalTinker, always use FPP if you can. I would also FPP Toy Story, the sing along, and one other thing there (Auto show? Not sure what tier that is, we usually do TOT and Star Tours). You won’t need FPP for AK. Just go straight to the safari at rope drop. As for the bus ride, not sure as we drive but I would plan on 30 minutes at least. Someone who uses the buses hopefully will chime in to help.

Sorry, I missed the bus question. I would allow an hour to walk to bus, wait, get on bus to Hollywood Studio, bag check, enter......may be faster, just allow an hour.

you’re going on 3/15? are you set up with a My Disney Experience account? most FPP’s are now done via MDE and ahead of time. There aren’t any more paper fastpasses.

For some reason, after reading your questions, I got the feeling that you might not be aware, so forgive me if I misunderstood.

If you haven’t done this yet, do it. you might still be able to get the Toy Story FPP if you’re lucky.

Good luck and enjoy your trip!!