Should I flip my TP days for MK and Epcot?

Ok, SO DH60, DD27, DD22 and I will be at WDW May 12-16. On the books, those are all CL5 or 6 days. Our touring plans have us at Epcot on May 15 with evening EMH (we start at 1 PM and go to 11 PM). For that day Epcot has a CL of 5 listed. May 16 is our MK day- another evening Magic Hours so we start at 9 and go to 11. (With 1-6 planned for an ADR and low-key, air-conditioned animatronic attractions).

But I’m wondering if it would be better to switch the days so that we are at MK on May 15 which would be a CL4 and at Epcot on May 16 which would be another CL4. We really don’t need the evening extra magic hours to complete our must-dos, We enjoyed them 10 years ago, but maybe the crowds have increased too much since then?

What would you do? Our FPP window opens this Monday so I have to decide pretty quickly. (Although I’ve already decided NOT to get FEA or 7DMM- they just didn’t seem that exciting for us, and didn’t fit nicely into our plans.)

I would probably stick with your current plan. Evening EMHs are my favorite. While the parks will feel busier during the afternoon and early evening, they do clear out after the fireworks. With a good touring plan, the difference in crowd level shouldn’t matter that much.

I’d only do the evening ADR’s if there are rides that we’ll want to do twice or can’t fit in during the day.

Take this with a big grain of salt as I’ve not been to DW in a while, but if you like the EMH, I’d leave the plan as is. You’re talking about a single number difference in the crowd level, which I’d hope wouldn’t make or break your day. Good luck with your FP day!