Should I flip flop my MK days

I’m going to MK on Sunday 10/20. This is my arrival day and I hope to be there by 12, but am going to make my first fastpass at 2, just in case. MK closes at 6 this day for a party, and I realize it will start getting busy while we are there.

My 2nd MK day will be Friday 10/25, our departure day. I plan to get there for EMH before 8, and leave around 2ish, maybe later if we feel like it. This is also a party day so we should have low crowds the whole time we are there.

My plan is to do Adventureland and Frontierland on our first day in the afternoon, and do Tomorrowland and Fantasyland in the morning on the last day. Mostly to help with the 7d fastpass. But I COULD switch them around (except 7d). Should I?

Id keep it the way it is. Lots more to do in Fantasy/Tomorrow lands and youll need the extra time

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I agree. I think RD will be more useful in Fantasyland with lots of smaller rides.

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