Should I flip/flop my AK/EP days?

Ok, need to finalize my days ahead of my upcoming FPP day. We have Park Hoppers and ADRs in the evening.

I like the flow of these days, but am contemplating flipping my AK/EP days to EP Mon and AK Thurs, mainly do to Fast Pass availability for Flight of Passage on Thursday Morning being more likely than having availability for us early enough Monday to still have a midday break. I think I’m leaning towards making this flip in days. Concerns being: Epcot is huge and will make for a long day Monday after a prior long day, I likely lose EMH for both parks, and I’d have to make FPP reservations for Epcot, which I had planned to do without in my current schedule.

Current schedule as follows for the second to last week of August:

Sunday: (park open arrival from offsite Orlando) MK, brief trip to CS rooms, hop to EP dinner
Monday: AK, afternoon break, hop to EP dinner
Tuesday: Splitting group, Universal & Rest/Halloween Party
Wednesday: late start HS, hop to AK dinner
Thursday: EP, hop to MK dinner
Friday: MK

Thoughts? What would you do?

According to FOP is unavailable until 60+3 right now (and probably not until evening then). You can keep track for the next couple of weeks and see if that trend continues. You can also consider RDing FOP if you don’t want to switch your days.

Is EMH rope drop less crazy?

I’ve contemplated that option, but that requires a mental shift. I can’t get excited about the hustle of rope dropping a headliner. With 5 kids in tow (ages 6-12)

I’ve only rope dropped Navi River on a non-EMH day. We showed up like 10 minutes before opening and walked right on. I’m sorry I don’t know how it was for the people waiting for FOP.