Should I even bother making a daily plan for May 1-11?

We have our 10 day park hopper tickets, park reservations, and dining/magical extras reserved. I’ve got the packing list down and have included all the “necessities” others have mentioned to stay comfortable. I’ve made plans here and watched endless All Ears videos (among others) and printed off recommendations of what rides to try for with Genie+ first. I think I understand most things about Genie + and ILL and plan to utilize both. We will have 2 days at each park (may just do one at Animal Kingdom) with the ability to go back to our favorites and I’ve decided which section of each park we will hit each day.

And yet I’m still a bit lost when it comes to sitting down and actually planning out each day in the parks. It seems like so much depends on what is available with Genie + and what our energy level is and will have to be decided on the spot.

Then there are the details like what rides are available for early entry, if we can use Genie + during extended evening hours, how early the parks actually open vs what it posted, etc. And do we even need to bother with the early morning exhaustion of rope drop if we have multiple days to explore each park?

Where should I look when it’s actually time to make a ride plan for each day? Or should I even bother?


Maybe asking the wrong crowd honestly… if the question is “Should I make a spreadsheet?” the answer is always “YES with color coding” :laughing:

Your vacation sounds like it is going to be amazing! And will allow you to slow down and relax a bit (if you are into that). With that much time, I would make a rough outline of days more to focus on what the first G+ you can try for to not be distracted day of (or feel FOMO when you have more than a week to do it all). At least for my crew, it’s nice to be able to stay “Don’t worry we will do that on Tuesday” when they wonder why we can’t go on Soarin right that very second. It might also let you consciously sprinkle in relaxing diversions that may be overlooked on shorter trips, and do those throughout your trip rather than on the last days only after you’ve done everything else.


Totally get that.
Every time I look at my plans I hear Jafars evil laugh and know this will all fall apart every morning at 7 AM when the chaos begins


You mean like this?


He’s just a rock. He doesn’t laugh, joyfully or evilly


But to answer OP’s question: it is absolutely difficult to plan a TP if you’re planning on G+

I have TPs for every single day, but on the two days I’ll use G+ it will function more as a “to do” list to keep me focused on what my goals are for those days. More is better so once I accomplish the goals I can go hog wild (maybe?)

But it’s really hard to plan and I’m feeling a little fish-out-of-water because I used to be able to tell where, almost exactly, we’d be at a given point on any given day of our trip. Maybe it’s better that we’re doing a little seat-of-pants flying? But it’s hard for me to get used to.


Who do you think you are… me?


You have cute icons and logos. I had one like that for April of 2020 and I’m convinced that’s what broke the world so I don’t do that anymore.

DME?? :sob:


Right?? “Mears Connect” doesn’t warrant a logo or even bold font.

That was also pre G+ which I smushed into the revised version of this spreadsheet along with notes on outfits. And then I don’t look at this at all when we are actually there - ha!


And here I am just using TP and paper and pencil lol


This is beautiful.

I’ll be at HS/AK on Tu/Th too, so I’ll keep my eyes peeled :eyes:


I have a list of attractions and restaurants in a notes app note :laughing:


This is the “plan” I gave to dd (now 20yo) for the Mom & me trip we took for her 7th birthday.

I will note that I will be arriving at WDW this year ON her 21st birthday!! Dh is giving me grief about it, but dd will be gone marching with her drum corps from the end of May to the Middle of August. I think they will be somewhere in Texas on her birthday.


This makes me want to take my kids on solo trips for their birthdays. Not sure how I’d work it with the twins, but now I will spend some time brainstorming :joy:


It really was the most magical trip. At 7yo she was at the perfect balance between big kid and little kid. She wholeheartedly believed in all the princesses and characters, but was riding all the coasters. On her birthday (Monday on the schedule), we walked down Main Street for a pre-park opening breakfast at the castle. She was all decked out in her Cinderella dress, at a chocolate slipper with chocolate mousse for breakfast, and was fawned over by all the characters as we sat at our table for two (decorated for her birthday) overlooking Fantasyland. After breakfast she rode the teacups, then we hit Space Mountain. I will never forget her all dressed up in her Cinderella dress, climbing into the car to ride Space Mountain.

Dd is now 20yo and we finally were able to take a second trip together (without dh and ds) this past October. Not the same magic as that 7yo that loved Cinderella, but magical in its own way having fun at WDW with my “adult” daughter. :heart_eyes:


No spreadsheet for rides yet, but I do have a Trello board for the trip set up. :laughing:

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Why am I crying :sob:. That sounds so magical!


I walked into the castle that morning, saw the table, and completly lost it.

We ended our trip in October w/ breakfast at the castle. It was our only meal that wasn’t new to us. Dd was really excited to go back! :slight_smile:


I looooove Trello! I use it all the time for work.

What I did was, each night, I would make a list of G+/$ILL rides I would try for the next day, in priority order, and try to predict what return time I’d get based on averages. Becky Gandillon of TP published articles with charts you can use for this. I’d plan the day based on 3-4 expected LL’s and go from there, trying to minimize walking to the extent possible.