Should i change FP times at MK

so I have space 950-1050 next thursday; there are afternoons available…
I have buzz 1055-1155
i have 7DMT 555pm…nothing else available.

thinking maybe i should make space later than buzz and start at adventureland do pirate; then BTRR and splash maybe haunted mansion depending on wait times before hitting buzz and space… does that make sense? or should i just
do Astro and Monsters at opening then rides then lunch and hope to do pirates splash BTRR and HM ?

this is next week…expected to be 7-8 crowd calendars…

I think I would do Adventureland at Open, move FPP for Buzz and Space until after 7DMT if you can.

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I can verity @SillySamsMom suggestion. We were at MK on CL 7 Sunday in February and TP had us doing Adventure land first and then using 10am FP SpaceM (at 11:10) and PP at 11:30. We RD Adventure land and rode BTMR twice, SplashM twice, Pirates, skipped HM, headed to SpaceM, should have gotten on Buzz (20 minutes at 10:30) but used FP instead, Buzz afterwards was a 45 min wait…I normally prefer to go through Tomorrow land first but followed the TP and it worked our great.

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Make a Personalized TP with all the attractions you want to do, put in the 7DMT FPP, and then Optimuze it and see what it suggests for the other FPP reservations.

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