ShouLd I buy a Minnie holiday dine with fantasmic?

DIS dining agent has a guaranteed H&V with fantasmic for $15 Nov 10, should I buy this? I had at T-Rex ressie same day because DD just saw juracic world and is interested in dinosaurs. Could I get a walk in @ T- Rex with a laundry card? We have never seen fantasmic that is why the interest in that dinner

I believe you can get a walk in with a Landrys card at T-Rex. I am not sure that I would pay $15 for someone else to get a reservation for me, but I don’t think that was your question. There are other restaurants in Hollywood Studios that also offer the Fantasmic package if you are looking just for the ticket and not the specific meal.

You can see fantasmic without the package its free to everyone in the park or you can fast pass it. I wouldn’t pay 15 for a third party reservation for $50 meal I wasn’t interested in to see a free show. Saying that have done Fantasmic package at MM on the past.

I started looking at MM, never eaten there. Pictures of the inside look pretty! Of course there seems to be no ressie available. It’s frustrating to say the least.