Should I avoid MK on After Hours Boo day?

We have park reservations for MK on Oct 8 currently…but now realize that the After Hours BOO event will be that night. Would you recommend keeping the MK park reservation or switching to a different park that day? It is our first day to be in the parks (out of 4 days total). We will not be attending the After Hours BOO event. Since it is “after hours”, it may not affect crowds too much…but wanted your expert opinions. Thanks!

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In the past it’s been recommended to go on those dates due to historical crowd levels and ppl going to other parks if they planned on attending the evening event.


I haven’t been, but typically After Hours events allows event ticket holders to enter the parks a few hours before the event. As such, I think generally people go to a different park (or no park at all) during the day, and then arrive early to get a head-start on the event.

So, if you planned to stay until park closing, you might see a noticeable rise toward the end of the day. If you planned to start the day at MK and be out by evening, then I’d say it probably won’t impact your planning much.

Who knows, exactly, what Disney is doing with park reservations…it could be that they reduce number of available APR to accommodate the influx of After Hours guests. Or, it could be that they leave things the same.


Boo Bash is allowing people to get in starting at 7pm. So if MK is open later than 7 for regular guests it would probably get noticeably more busy starting around 7, especially if there are fireworks.


If you were going for a long trip, like 7 - 10 days, I’d recommend going to MK on a party night. The crowds are pretty manageable since most people avoid MK since it’s “not worth it” to use a full day ticket on a half day.

With only 4 days, I’d make a TP and switch my MK day to a day without a party. The bad part is that MK with be busier because it will be a full day. However, if you think you can RD and get everything you want to do completed by 7pm then maybe it could work to go on a “half day”

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But the Boo Bash does nothing to shorten the MK hours, unlike the MNSSHP. MK will still have full days, although the last two hours will have additional people who were not necessarily there during the day already.

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I confess… I haven’t read all the BB details just going off MNSSHP experience. I did just, now, read them.

So… You can stay until 9pm…hmmm… that’s better than MNSSHP. Maybe going on a party day isn’t so bad. I’d just suggest you plan to have everything done by 7pm though. Once they start letting in the BB crowd at 7pm you’ll see a spike in queues & QS places until the party starts.


Another thought about this park switching or not - OP is going Oct. 8 and beyond, with only 4 days in the parks. MK will start their trip. That’s a holiday weekend, which will be busier than if it were not - and it’s shortly after the start of WDW’s 50th. I would hold onto the park reservations you have. Things will only get busier, and APRs get booked up. To switch parks, you’d have to first cancel what you have and then try to reserve the ones you want - you can’t just modify. I’d hate to take such a risk if I were in your shoes, and I’d put up with the more crowded last two hours.