Should CLs be expected to change with Free Dining?


We are planning a trip the weekend of Nov 15. Last year was also free dining that week. Should I expect my CLs to bump up now that free dining has been confirmed again for that week, or has the likelihood that it was going to be offered again already been factored into the current CLs? I hope my question makes sense. I didn’t start tracking out CLs last year until well after the free dining had been offered and our levels did change, but I know there were a lot of other factors contributing to CL changes last year.

We don’t do the dining plan or any table service places, so I’m not at all concerned about getting reservations anywhere, just the general CLs.

Thanks in advance.

Tagging @Lentesta for his comments…

I wouldn’t think that FD will have that much of an effect on CLs, as it is just a marketing gimmick to make sure that resorts are at capacity year-round so it doesn’t really change the anticipated total number of visitors. Plus, I’m sure that @Len and his boffins have already taken this into account. :slight_smile: