Shortest Mickey Meet Wait

What is the easiest place to meet Mickey and Minnie with either the shortest wait and/or easiest to procure SDFP? My kids will love to see them once but don’t need to go at all four parks.

For purposes of this question, assume we won’t be doing a character meal.


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I haven’t done it personally, but the Visa character spot or whatever it’s called at epcot is probably your best bet if you have a Disney Visa or can get one. But it’s not guaranteed to have Mickey, they rotate characters.

Otherwise, the regular character spot early in the morning at epcot is usually a short wait. I’m not sure about same day Fpp.

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If you are looking for Mickey and Minnie together, Animal Kingdom is your only option after the end of this month. Hollywood Studios is one line but Mickey and Minnie are not together, you do one picture with Minnie then move to another room with Mickey. MK had Mickey & Minnie together but only for the birthday celebration that ends soon. When we were there a few weeks ago, we could not get same day fp and the line was always long. Animal Kingdom is a cute one because they are together and in safari outfits and does have a FP but the later in the day you wait, the harder they are to come by.


Thanks for the info! I actually didn’t even know there was an option to do them together or in the same line.