Shorter Toy Story Mania wait times - could it be?!

I randomly check ride wait times even when I am not visiting the parks…I know, lol. One thing I think I’ve noticed lately is shorter than average (even on busier days) lines for TSMM! Did they open the 3rd track at the end of May? If so, can anyone confirm if the wait times appear to be shorter/moving faster because of it?!

They did open the 3rd track but yesterday there were issues and wait times were crazy for a while! Maybe there are still bugs in the system?

I was wondering. Do you happen to know if wait times have decreased overall? I was surprised to see 30-40 min for standby last week on busier days.

The third track IS open. When all 3 tracks are running, it seems that the lines have been markedly shorter.

Yes, the reduction (30-40 minutes usually) has had a lot of people looking at their TPs!

Looking meaning what?!

Lol! Meaning that if it is 30 minutes- do you want to FP RnR? Do you want to head to the stand by line first thing and ride a 2nd time with a FP later?

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Glad I’m not the only one that checks ride times even when I’m not in the parks! LOL! My husband thinks I’m crazy! :nerd:


Ah ok got it, got it!! Lol! I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something! :smiley:
That’s an easy one for me, I can’t be convinced to do RnR, it scares the heck out of me!!!

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Lol, yes!!