Shorten Trip?

I have an existing reservation through the WDW site that I would like to take 3 nights off the end of. I don’t have any special deals or rates through this reservation. I am over 30 days out from travel. There is no longer availability for me simply to cancel and rebook, I need to modify it.

When I go online and try to modify the reservation it tells me there is no options for the room I have booked. But I already have the room and for longer than I want.

Is there another way to take care of this online or do I need to call? Am I stuck with a longer reservation than I need? Has anyone else experienced this and been able to change it with success?


This, or keep trying to modify until you get to day 31 in advance of travel.

The system is wonky.

Ok, was hoping not to call, but will if I have to.
It can be shortened though, right?


:+1: :smiley: Thanks

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Looks like I will have to call.
Does anyone know the # and times for calling about making modifications to my resort reservations?

(407) 939-1936

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Were you able to shorten your trip? I am in the position, I need to take a few days off my room only stay at the Polynesian this May and the system says there is no availability. Now I’m worried

Don’t worry, you will be able to. When you try online the system looks for a separate new reservation for your new dates to replace your old one, which may not be available. When you call, the CM can just shorten your existing reservation.

Yes I was successful. I couldn’t complete it online as there was no knew availability, but when I called they were able to handle it.

Thank you! That is a relief to know!

Which if true is so weird because it never used to be that way