Short wait times Christmas week

The wait times for Christmas week seem wayyyyyy too short. Any ideas on if/when Touring Plans will update those wait times?

I don’t think they will?

It’s not the crowd calendar that is inaccurate, but the wait times. Any ideas??

I think it is all connected but maybe @brklinck has an idea?

It is the wait times (for certain attractions) that drive the crowd calendar values, so you can’t have accurate CC values with inaccurate wait times.

I haven’t been following the predictions for this December, so I can’t say whether they are reasonable or not, or whether there was a recent change in the numbers. The delay in the December update should not be a factor here, as it appears to pertain more to unexpected changes in the “new” 2019 values than the current December predictions - besides, the article states “our current calendar is valid and we expect our error rates to be within normal ranges.”

If there are specific days/times that you are concerned about, write to - they are usually very quick at investigating and responding to user concerns.

Thank you! I’ll email the webmaster!

There was a topic on this recently: Xmas week MK hours

I agree that they seem too short

@len may come back and correct me but I think he has stated that the projections for Christmas week are manually capped because the algorithms cannot accommodate the wild swing in attendance levels for that week.