Short trip to hit Pandora and TSL - off-property vs on?

Planning a trip to Florida over spring break mostly to visit family but planning for 4 hotel nights and a 3 day park ticket to do MK, AK and HS - it is a high crowd level week all around (9s and 10s for AK and HS) and I am traveling with a party of 6 (4 adults, 2 kids aged 3 and 6, 3 year old is 38" so tall enough for SDD already). I have a very good price on an off-property time-share from a friend but knowing our priorities are to do Pandora and Toy Story Land I am not sure this is the best decision - however, knowing it is a 3 day trip and how hard it seems to be to get these fast passes at even 60 days out I am really struggling with the decision as the dollar savings is significant. Just how important are the on-property perks to getting on these rides? Looking forward to your thoughts!


I think the problem is you will not know if EMH will be scheduled every day or not. Chances are there woukd not be any FPs for FoP or SDD but if EMH is scheduled most days you could be blocked out.

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I think with only a four night stay it may be hard to get FPPs for FoP and SDD even if you stay on property. It seems many people are reporting that their FPPs for those rides are 60+5 days or more.


You could hope for EMM at TSL and pay extra for it. And then put AK at the end of your trip and keep modifying to get FOP FP? If no FP then plan on RD or last thing at night. Also you may consider PH if you don’t have them. Hopping may help depending on how things go. I’m not sure if the extra 30d will give you definite success with FP. I’ll let the experts weigh in on that! I agree that the EMH could wreak havoc on your plan if you don’t get FP.

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Thanks all so far! It sort of feels like a crapshoot either way. . . But odds more in my favor to stay on property.

Not to be Debby Downer, but the earliest I could get SDD for my party of 4 was 60+6 and FOP was 60+5. The crowd levels are 4&5. If you want to try to rope drop at EMH days, stay on-site, if not, stay off-site and save. Have fun!!

Follow up question - I decided to stay on site and am working out my plans - this will be spring break week 2019. So if I am rope dropping to attend EMH at AK how much before do I need to do? EMH will likely be at 7 that week - I’m having a hard time imagining us getting there for 6 with DD3 and DS6 - I’ll need to start rallying them now :slight_smile: