Short Trip Split Stay - Fun or Hassle?

DH and I would love to spend 2 nights at WL and 2 nights at BWI on our anniversary trip, but are wondering whether that could end up being a big hassle? We pack light, but are concerned the logistics of switching resorts might eat into our already limited park time. Has anyone done this...? Thanks!!

If you pack portably as with packing cubes it shouldn't eat up too much time since all you really have to do is check out leave your bags with bell services so they can transfer it. Head home to new resort and ask bell services to bring your luggage to you. But it depends a lot on your personal taste. You'll find liners with opinions going both ways.

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Split stays either for short or long stays really isn't a hassle. Check your bags with Bell services telling them where you'll be staying next. They'll tag it. You check out, head over to the parks or whatever and later on (after 3-4pm) you're bags will be at your next resort. you check in and have bell services bring the luggage to your room. I thought it was great!

PS. we did this even though we had a car because we didn't want our luggage just sitting in the car while we were at the parks all day.

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dang it!! again!! LOL

I promise... I'll stop!

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pshaww.. a likely story...

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Thanks, guys! I think we'll go for it...! It'll be my first time at a deluxe since 1994 and DH's first time ever! 😃

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I did 3/3 last trip. I just brought my bags to bell service on my way to the park in the morning and when I was ready I took transportation to new resort.


We did a split stay over the July 4th weekend (BC/BW), and we've transferred bags with bell services in the past and had no problems. The only hiccup we had was that when we walked from BC to BW to check in, they had trouble checking us out from BC so that we could be checked in at BW. It ended up taking about a half an hour to get us checked in. The only other thing that we personally dealt with is that because I was working, I had my laptop and other electronics with me. I didn't want to carry them or leave them in the car, and I certainly didn't want them handled by bell services, so we ended up driving home to drop them off for the day and picked them up that evening. We live 10 minutes away, so it wasn't an issue for us to do that, but if you have a lot of heavy electronics with you, that's something you'll probably need to carry during that day until your room is ready.

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As you might expect, I split-stay almost every trip. Last time we stayed in 3 hotels (CBR, AKL, CSR) in 8 nights with no real problems switching. The downside is that it can take a while for the bags to show up at the new hotel (like 3 or 4 pm), but if you're in the park all day that won't matter too much. It definitely adds time since you have to check out, check in, wait for bell services, pack, unpack, etc.each time but it's not too bad.

We've never had any issues and we almost always have groceries (including cold stuff) and several bags. Like @mascardofamily, I always have many electronic items (laptop, tablet, kindle), but I send them with bell services and haven't had an issue. I totally understand the caution though.

Here's the full process:
1. Pack up your stuff
2. Call Bell Services and tell them you're transferring to another resort
3. Bell Services will tag your stuff and take it.
4. Check out of your resort (if you don't it could mess with checking in to the new one)
5. Later in the day check in to the new resort
6. Call Bell Services and have them bring the bags.


I used to always put my electronics in our backpacks and I would bring them to a park and rent lockers. That works but is a pain. Now, I always send them with bell services.

I'm glad to hear folks have had good luck sending electronics through bell services. I think I might feel a bit better if I had some sort of sturdy laptop case, but I'd be sending them in just a soft-sided laptop case…little better than sending them in a grocery bag. Heck, there are days when I don't trust me to get them from point A to point B without a lot of prayers!

Could always get something like...

just a locking hard case.

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Last trip we sent a laptop, iPad, Trent charger and about 10 cords all stuffed in a backpack ( there may or may not have also been a bottle wrapped in underwear- clean of course). It arrived safely at the Poly from AKL.

@Outer1 do you keep your gold bricks in one of those while touring?

Of course not! I have a butler to carry those...