Short it worth it?

I do not think you will get FoP on day 60 for Saturday, but you may get it at a later drop. That would be taking a chance. I think it depends on your priorities.

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We are planning to use the busses and might spring from a Lyft or Uber if we are running tight on time. With my crew, there has to be a balance between time in the parks and resting/swimming back at the resort in order to keep them from wearing out. I really want us to enjoy MNSSHP and I know I have to be careful not to run them too hard on Day 1 especially since we won’t be getting to the resort until 1:00am/1:30am the night before.

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  1. Book POFQ - check!
  2. Book Southwest Flights - check!
  3. Ask off work - check!
  4. Purchase MNSSHP tickets - pending approval for time off of work (might have jumped the gun a bit on the hotel and flights…oh well!)
  5. Book initial dining - check!
  6. Start making Touring Plans - check
  7. Start planning our MNSSHP outfits - in progress



Gotta try it once! I too mostly go for entertainment (Boo to YOU, FW, Villains Spelltacular) and limit rides to those that are different during party - HM, etc


Okay folks…coming back to this thread rather than starting another one. My fast pass selection day has come and gone and I’m a bit disappointed. Quick reminder about our trip…traveling solo with our three kids (DD 12, DS 9, and DS 7) from 9/28 to 10/2. We won’t arrive at our hotel until after midnight on our arrival day and we depart early on our departure day.

Day 1: Saturday, September 29 - My initial plan was to sleep in and then do three fast passes at AK (10am - 2pm) take a break, park hop to HS (5:00pm - 9:00pm) with the hopes of grabbing a fourth fast pass for TSMM or AS2. Turns out there were no FPs for FoP, so I threw that plan out the window and got three FPs for HS in the evening and figured we would all be so tired from school and travel the day before that starting off our trip with sleeping in, eating at the resort, and spending time in the pool might allow us to better enjoy ourselves. Now I’m completely second guessing that and thinking I should reschedule all HS fast passes to earlier in the day (after 10am) and then try to park hop to another park that evening instead.

Day 2: September 30: I was able to get fast passes for everything I wanted at MK. Our plan is to rope drop with our three fast passes in the morning, do lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern, and then head back to the resort to rest from 2-5ish before going back to MK for the MNSSHP. Plan to be there for the duration and shut down MK at midnight! So…another late night which means no rope drop for us.

Day 3: October 1: Again I was foiled by fast passes. Original plan was to sleep in, hit HS by 10am and use our three FP with one of those being SDD and then head out by 2pm for a break at the resort before going to Epcot for rides from 5-9. Turns out the earliest I could get SDD was 4:30pm. UGH! So now I’m not sure what to do. I don’t think my crew can happily make it from mid-morning through evening and I know they will need more sleep that morning after the halloween party the night before. But, starting our park time in the early afternoon isn’t as appealing to me either due to heat and crowds. Ugh again!

Help me out Liners! What would you do?!? My current plan has us spending a full day in MK with MNSSHP, two half-days in HS (which doesn’t thrill me at all but in order to ride SDD and not wait in line for hours it seems like the best plan as of now), and an evening in Epcot. Maybe I’m just letting FOMO get to me (or I could be turning into @profmatt - I heart you Matt!) but I’m bummed about missing FoP and Animal Kingdom.

Thanks for listening to me rant! I appreciate any thoughts you have!

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I am thinking that those HS hours will change. Do you think it will open up FPs earlier in the day?

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I don’t know your kids schedules, but I think maybe starting later without a break might serve you better. I have done this a couple of times with my kids and it has worked out well. I like it better because getting kids dressed and then changed for swimming and dressed again seems like a lot of hassle. Maybe when my kids are older - it will be easier.

For Day 3, you could sleep in/swim and then go to HS and then maybe parkhop after SDD. I would just schedule a dinner somewhere with AC for a break.

Day 1 is hard though - it is difficult to wait to go to the parks on the first day. Maybe follow your original plan and just enjoy AK without FOP.

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I’ve thought about this, but earlier FPs don’t really help me unless other people modify their original FPs. Honestly, I’m hoping to switch my Day 1 TSMM 7pm fast pass for a late night SDD fast pass so then the pressure is off to go back to HS on Day 3.

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You make a really good point about the hassle of getting dressed, changing into swim clothes, and then getting showered/dressed again. I may have to look at our plans again and do a better job of mapping out pool time. We are at POFQ so we have access to both pools at FQ and Riverside and I could see us potentially visiting both.

My biggest challenge with AK is going there and not being able to ride FOP. My littlest guy has high-functioning autism and has difficulty standing in lines for long amounts of time. We have never used as DAS pass before, but I have thought about looking into it for this trip since I won’t have a second set of adult hands to assist if he is having difficulties. FOP is is his favorite ride and I can’t see going to AK without taking him on it…yet a long line will be a disaster for us (and every one around us!). Things to think more on…

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If long lines are a problem for your son and you can’t get fastpasses for FOP, I would definitely consider the DAS. I gather that it doesn’t take too long to set up and you don’t need to use it all of the time, only for when it seems necessary. That way you can check in at FOP as soon as you arrive at AK and come back to it when your window opens.


Most families swear by swim breaks - I just can’t ever get it to work. In your case, I would take advantage of DAS - especially since you are alone. You need all the help you an get.

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