Short people (kids) for HEA

Any tips for taking little kids to HEA. Will they be able to see the projections and the fireworks when surrounded by people of all heights? We’ll have lots of time to stake out a place, so are there any areas that will help with their view?

We staked out a couple of hours in advance and got almost our ideal spot. We were in the middle of the hub area, behind the plant/garden fencing on the right side (would work on either side). Therefore we had 15(?) feet of plants in front of us before any human heads. We didn’t get the center…more the side because other people (with kids in strollers) were there. We did send runners for food and took bathroom breaks but in the last 15 minutes we had to hold strong. Meaning loads of small people (but no smaller than my kids so they would have blocked their view) tried to squeeze in. We definitely got tighter to let more people in but no way was I giving up our “front row.”

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My advice would be to spin the dessert party into a dinner, if possible. There are savory options including “cheeseburger eggrolls,” (which were dead ringers for the flavor of a MCD cheeseburger, and the CM’s were gladly telling ppl to take as many as they wanted, and bringing more out,) and cheese cubes, and spinach dips/crackers along with plenty of sweets, of course.

If a dessert party is not an option, my best advice would be to research the best spots with railings, and set up on a railing so nobody can stand in front.

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Is it this bad every night? How about last week of January? Will we struggle to find a good spot with twin 4 yo if not there before 7:30? 8:00 show with 5:30 ohana.

I have never been at the end of January, but MK always seems packed when it is time for HEA. There will be spots, but maybe not the best spots for your kids. Your best bet might be to try to squeeze in close to the castle…you will be looking up, so even if tall people are in front of you, your kids will still see most of the projections. The fireworks would be somewhat blocked, though, but age 4 might like the projections best. You could always ask a CM for ideas if you are arriving late. Maybe they know some secrets about finding a good last minute spot. Or you could do the dessert party and get the garden view.

Thanks. Good ideas.

It was packed last night. Your kids will not be able to see the bottom half of the castle unless you do the dessert party or what @jamesandkrissy did. I still had to hold my 44” 4-year old and we had a fantastic spot.

That being said, it is not important to be close to the castle. It’s not like the shows with actors. It is, 100% worth seeing and worth seeing with a decent view.