Shopping when park closes

Hi All,
Am I correct in thinking-that at the end of the day you can shop in magic kingdom after happily ever after? How long are you allowed to look before been asked to leave.

Heh… it’s actually a WHILE that you can stay in the park after “close.” At least an hour, more if it’s obviously busy. They do start herding people toward the main street as time goes on, but only if you try to enter a “cleared area” do they get “gruff” with you (heh, ask me how I know :stuck_out_tongue: )

That said, there’s little pressure to get out even after park close for a while and you can do a good amount of shopping. Don’t forget to check out the “kiss good night!”

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Another question! Sorry! If I book a fastpass for 8pm and the park closes at 8pm am I able to ride?

Also how long after the happily ever after show is the goodnight kiss

You will not be able to book a fastpass for 8pm if it closes at 8pm. The latest you could book is a 7pm-8pm slot. As long as you are in line before closing time than you should be fine.

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I did note someone on Twitter recently indicating that you won’t get the 15 minute grace period after a fast pass expires at park close. So if your time slot ends at 8PM make sure you’re queued by 8PM basically as once the line is closed you’re out of luck…

Think that you can stay in the parks til 11pm at night this time of year.

You could at Epcot for sure.

Not everything stays open of course.

At MK there was loads of shopping going on after happily ever after. They actually direct you to walk through the shops to avoid queues leaving the park by the roads. And I’m sure the shops are never busier for that 30 mins after the show.

We are doing WDW for one day in Dec, and the park is open to the gen public from 9-9 that day. (We are staying offsite and don’t have any extra hrs.) I was wondering why my Touring Plan had us down for a 9:00 pm showing of Happily Ever After. Does that mean we can stay and watch at 9:00, and even shop after - based on what I’m reading here? Sorry to add a new question, but you all seemed “in the know” :wink:

I’m staying onsite, but how do they determine who can stay for evening emh?

That seems to be my understanding of how it works.

Magic bands :wink:

Somewhat along this train of thought:

  • Do they still have a Kiss Goodnight on nights with evening EMH until midnight?

  • Also, how long after regular close do they play the Kiss Goodnight?