Shopping Pass?

I have heard a couple times about a mythical creature known as the Shopping Pass.

Basically, the premise is that you can ask for this at a ticket window (guest services?), and be granted a short window (1-2 hours) to enter a park, purchase things at the in-park stores, and return to the ticket window.

I understand that there is a cost for this that is fully refundable, upon return to a ticket window (guest services?) within the designated time and with proof that you did, indeed, shop at the in-park stores during the window.

Does anyone know anything more? Is this creature truly a Figment of my Imagination, or does it actually exist?

Never had heard of t but a quick google search finds this on this:

Not sure how accurate the information is or when it was last updated. Maybe worth a call to GS?

And a couple of threads on TripAdvisor indicate that it was a thing as recently as this past summer.

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