Shopping around the World

My AP blockout ends today! I was inspired by the blog posts about shopping in the different countries in Epcot WS so I decided to do a mini quest over the next few months and buy something in each country.

It got me thinking. What’s your best find / biggest regret from shopping in WS? For some reason I’m picturing a lot of lightly used sombreros…


I can imagine there are many sombreros at the bottom of closets!

I only regret not buying some country specific shirts they had about 5 years ago. They were pretty retro looking. It was before they had the Shop Disney app so once we left, I was out of luck. They were gone by our next trip.

So, lesson learned: If there is something that really catches my eye, I get it. I’m not a big shopper so I know I won’t go crazy spending money.


In the back of the perfume shop in Italy is a small boutique that sells handmade masks and Murano glass. I have bought Murano glass jewelry in Rome, Florence, and Venice, but the Murano glass necklaces and Mickey-shaped window hangers are very special. Never a regret.


I bought a black Helly Hansen rain coat in Norway years ago. I still have it even though I don’t get to wear Norwegian fashion too often in central Florida!

My big spending when we go down will be in WS. I want to buy a little something in each country ($10-$20) and then create my WS shelf at home with all my little trinkets.


I’m going to start in Canada today. I think that will be one of the harder places to find something.

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Ended up with some novelty soap and a cute pint glass.

I’m thinking that the next stop will be Morocco…


Bought a stein in Germany, and the top broke off (not for use, only display/ show and tell). Its was about $30. I generally dont buy anything in the Mexican Pavilion anymore. I love finding the pressed coin machines.

Got a henna tatoo there, lol, over priced and lasted 2 days.


I love those small wooden animal sculptures from Mexico, oaxacan animals? I got an armadillo. My biggest regret was buying those expensive balloons for the kids at magic kingdom.

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