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Has anyone else bought from Shop Disney? I take it they are related to Disney in some way as they wanted info on my Disney Acct. Bought Disney facemasks back in May and knew they were pre-order so figured it would take some time. Two weeks ago they took the money from my acct. Never seen the masks so I tried to contact them. Emailed twice and finally had to phone. Busy but they did call me back. Asked where my product was and it hadn’t even shipped yet. Asked for refund and was told they would refund to my acct but if and when the masks came, to keep and donate them. That was two weeks ago and I have yet to see either the money or refund and now you can’t even get them on the phone. Beware when you buy from them online.

I ordered masks in May also. Finally today (which actually is when they said they would ship - late July) I received an email that they have shipped. I have never had any issues with them, but I don’t order often.

Yes I just got an email from them too but that was two weeks ago and still no product or refund posted

ShopDisney IS Disney, not simply related to Disney.

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An email to say they were being shipped?

As it sometimes goes after posting, I just received the masks today. The refund is yet to be determined but I guess that is good one way or the other now. My main problem with Shop Disney was communication. I expected them to be late but after seeing many of them being purchased at WDW I was beginning to wonder what was going on. I emailed them a number of time and never received an answer as to where the product was or at what point in the mailing process. I finally was able to get a call back and found out the product was not yet shipped. That was two weeks ago. After waiting again with no action I tried to call again today. This time there was NO call back option but rather a message stating to call back another time. I figure though that it is only fair to state now that I just received the product though because of the communication problem I personally won’t buy from them again. They do appear however to be a up and up site so buy at your own risk. Enough said on the subject.

I’m sorry, but this is :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Edited to add: I’m glad your masks finally came and sorry you had such a bad experience. I think Disney in general is a little overwhelmed with customer service issues at the moment.

My DD ordered a few days after me at the end of April. She got a shipping notice last week. I ordered the first day and got them about 2 or 3 weeks ago.

Shop Disney is a Disney company.

I ordered masks, two sets. One Mickey themed and the other Star Wars. The Mickey-themed masks showed about about 3 weeks ago. The Star Wars masks showed up a couple of days ago. I think depending on the size and theme, they are shipping at different times.

So I completely forgot about the Disney sets I ordered (have been so happy with my Kinibands and Athleta ones). I ordered on 4/30, still don’t have them. Just sent an email.

And full disclosure, I had a similar issue with my Athleta ones, too! I ordered early with an estimated delivery date early June. I hadn’t received mine but folks on chat were reporting they ordered in early June and got them a week or so later. I called in late-June when I heard this and they finally shipped them the next day.

I preordered 2 sets of them when they first appeared on My card was not charged until about 3-3.5 weeks later. I then got an email saying they had shipped about a week after my card was charged. I got both packs of face masks, packaged together, about 4 days after they had shipped. It seemed like a VERY long and drawn out process, but it was worth it as the masks are awesome. Very comfortable and thick enough to where I feel safe wearing them. I think the problem is SO MANY people preordered them that now Disney has a backlog of orders and are just trying to get through them.

I had same happen with some NHL ones - ordered in April, finally shipped mid-June. People too were thinking it was a scam website (FOCO) even though it fully said you were placing a preorder… :woman_facepalming:

In the case of the Disney website, it said I was pre-ordering for June 15th. It’s well over a month past that.

I ordered 3 sets about a week after they became available, on 5/10. The two Mickey sets finally shipped 7/16 and have not arrived yet. The princess set has still not shipped. I’ll be ticked if they are for sale in the parks but they haven’t filled orders yet from 2 1/2 months ago.

This is true and I understood that 3 month ago. The thing is I was hearing about people now attending WDW and buy these masks on site.

Right you are and they didn’t bother to communicate. I emailed them twice with NO response. Finally called them but could not get through. Got a call back and found they hadn’t even been shipped even though they had collected the funds from my acct.

That was my major gripe. They were indeed selling at the parks.

I have found Shop Disney to be really slow in shipping products in general. I bought some items on Black Friday with the intent to give them to my children for Christmas, but they didn’t come until the week after Christmas. I’ve also ordered other items at various times (beach towels, birthday gifts, etc) and noticed that I have to plan for extra long shipping. I placed an order for masks on July 9th, because I saw that they were being sold in Disney Springs and in the parks (vloggers pointed them out in the shops.) It said that it was a preorder but didn’t have a date that they would be shipped. I was hoping that since they are clearly in stock in the parks, that the “preorder” status wouldn’t be very long. Now when I try to log in to look at my orders, I get an error message. It’s frustrating indeed, and I’m not sure if I’ll buy very much from them in the future. I’m wondering if the masks are available at the mall Disney Stores? There is one close-ish to us (about an hour away)