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Does anyone have experience with this app? Are we literally shopping what’s on the shelf at the Emporium or MouseGears, etc? Or is this some unique unidentified inventory? There seem to be a super small amount of baby clothes on it. I’m having a really hard time in general finding toddler clothing for our September trip. Even the Disney store is just full of long sleeved PJs. I found a few rompers on Amazon and looked at Kohl’s but they didn’t have much. Target is next on my list as we’ve (ironically) gotten my husband a number of Disney shirts there.

I could just go crazy shopping on our first day there, but kind of would like to wash stuff first!

The Shop Disney Parks app is supposed to be stuff available at the Disney Parks… obviously you will find more merchandise in person at the parks but they try to have a pretty decent selection. I honestly couldn’t tell you if there’s any rhyme or reason for the merch they choose to make available. I have always found found better (and cheaper) Disney clothing at Target and JC Penney.

Thanks! Didn’t think to try JC Penney!

For the record, we were able to get a specific Figment plush on the app that was NOT available at the Imagination pavilion shops or Mouse Gears. So, if you’re looking for something … it doesn’t hurt to check the app while riding the monorail or bus or during a break. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I was more just curious of what got selected to appear on the app. For instance, there is an adorable It’s a Small World onesie, but it is pink. I feel like the physical store usually has a boys version of stuff like this. So are they just putting overstock stuff on the app? I did find a R2D2 romper that I like!

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Disney also has their regular shopping app - Disney Store. This has a lot more selection and includes the “parks” items.