I’ve been to the parks twice and twice my footwear has failed me (re: blisters).

I’ve done broken in Nikes, flip flops, and sketcher Go Walks.

The only thing that seems to work for me are Crocs. The original ugly ones… with socks :frowning:

I’m not super fashionable or anything, I’ll be in jeans/capris and a tee, but crocs with socks (wicking) are not my fav look.

What have you had success with?

*I am moderately active at home, I walk 2 miles a day. No issues with blisters then, so I guess it’s just the added miles of Disney.

I have a permanent disability in one leg due to an accident a few years ago. My orthopedic surgeon recommended New Balance and they’re wonderful. (He wears them too!) No pain / blisters / anything. My SIL is a marathon runner and its the only brand she’ll buy too. I highly recommend!!


It’s Merrel trek shoes for me. Never any problems with those. Used to wear my regular comfy shoes but that turned out real bad.


I have significant knee problems and I agree, New Balance is where it’s at. I’ve also had success with Saucony. Those are the only two brands I’ll buy for exercise and that’s what I wear if I’m going to be on my feet all day. It’s also important to lace them up fairly snug to avoid blisters when walking all. day. long.

I find that preemptively bandaging blister spots is effective. Either with blister pads, bandaids, moleskin, or athletic tape. Whatever your skin likes best.


I wondered how effective it was to pre-bandage. Thanks!

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I’m also a New Balance fan. Those and Abeo (which can be pricey) are my two go-to brands at the moment. I find going to a good sneaker store can make all the difference. And with New Balance, they have some really cute sneakers that even my 20 year old niece said she really likes (and she doesn’t like anything).


New Balance is definitely the front runner here!


I do this frequently. Depending on what your issue is, it can be extremely effective.

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I think this is really true. And, not only is it the added miles, but it’s also mostly on concrete. And then there’s the standing- even if a person is a city runner used to going miles on concrete, you then have to add on extra hours of weight on the feet.

Disney is in a class by itself when it comes to foot stress in my opinion.

I usually take a couple different types of shoes- different soles, sandals, shoes with socks etc. Just changing seems to prevent too much wear and tear around on any one area. I switch out lightweight waterproof Merrell shoe-style hiking shoes and Smartwool socks with Teva or Finn Comfort sandals.

Good shoes can be expensive, but this is one place it’s not worth cheaping out unless you’re 18 and can wear flip-flops all day with no problem, like my daughter.


I like Birkenstocks, Merrells, and TOMS. But, no matter what I wear, it’s most helpful to break them in, pre-bandage, and/or apply an anti-friction product like Pre-Heels spray or Dr Scholls blister defense.


Good point. We have a 1+ mile walking trail here at our house (we live on a farm), and it’s either grass or gravel. Zero concrete.

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I wear a relatively inexpensive pair of ASICS that work out well. They’re a little wider in the toe area compared to other shoes for me which is important due to a bunion on one foot and for any potential gout attacks.

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My family hikes a lot. I’ve found that at Disney I need shoes with much softer insoles than I normally would on a trail, or even on a different kind of street.

I wore my Finn Comfort sandals all over Rome’s cobblestone streets, probably walking at least as much as at Disney, and they alone were not up to the task of 14 hours on concrete. I have to switch them out with clunky tennis shoes, (which, like others here recommended, are New Balance).

And I really hate clunky tennis shoes. In my book, they are only suited for sports, and, apparently, Disney, where all sense of fashion comes to die.:wink:

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I love my converse all-stars low top. Worn them every time we have gone and I never get a blister and my feet feel fine by the end of the day. They are even more comfortable than they used to be as they have added more padding to the insole.

Plus they come in so many colors and they are super cute!!

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Sure. You’re probably, like, half my age. :laughing:
I’d like to think Converse All-Stars would work for me, but I’ve got old lady feet!

I have a lovely friend who built a hugely successful business (yes those things are not mutually exclusive) and she told me “The main thing about getting older is you have to budget more for R & M”.

Repairs and Maintenance.

So true, so true. :wink:


I’m actually a Vans girl. It’s all I wear from Spring-Fall. I have many cute Disney patterns and 3 Potter patterns, BUT… I’m well afraid to wear them to Disney/Uni all day with the concrete and the sad arch support. LOL.

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I, personally, own 40 something year old feet. :rofl:

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Ok, you’re not half my age but technically I could be your mom. Technically. (Biologically, I guess. We’re not completely replaced by AI yet).

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i’ve worn birkenstocks. if there are concerns about getting them wet, the eva versions are less expensive but still very comfy. some experience a difficult time breaking them in but speaking for myself, they’re great out of the box.

i’ve also worn allbirds (the tree runners). they’re excellent. no socks needed.

i typically wore birks during the day and switched to allbirds at night. i have also worn both for full days without switching and was fine.

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