SHOES :) What are you wearing

I’m 20 days out (POR August 19-25) and just purchased a new pair of Teva Mush flip flops. It’ll be my 3rd time touring with Teva Mush Shoes.

I like to alternate between my Merrell sandles and my Keens.

Sketchers Go Walks for us :shoe:

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I wear Sketchers Go Walks and Sketchers Memory Foam tennis shoes.

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My croc sandals. Not the ugly kind. The Mickey Mouse kind.


I alternated between my Keens, my Reef flip flops and my Micky croc flip flops that I bought while I was there. I will sometimes wear tennis shoes too but not this trip.

chaco sandals and asic gym shoes

CFM pumps???

I alternate between my teva mush flips and sketchers go walks, with my dis croc sandals as a back up.

Those are great!!

Well I was going to wear my new Birkenstocks, but after a half a day at the zoo, and achy feet, I decided I’ll be wearing whatever running shoes I’ve broken in by trip time.

Flip flops in warm weather, and my custom painted Mickey and Minnie Toms in cooler.

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I am a big fan of Sketcher Go Walks. Wore them to DL last spring and my feet didn’t complain once.

And there are so many styles and colors!

I think they are quite cute too! DD13 thinks they’re ugly but what does she know she’s 13 and could walk around in Old Navy flip flops all day.


I love those! Where do I buy them? Will be wearing my teva sandles until I can get my hands on some!

Brooks running shoes. No pain, no blisters…feel great.

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@MDU Where did you find these? I love them!!

I wear chacos on wet days (MK & AK) and Mizuno wave rider running shoes on dry days. I’ve never had any problems!