Shoes, revisited

Thanks to all who provided feedback to @MickeyAndMagic on her quest for the perfect shoes for WDW touring.

You all got me thinking about my upcoming trip in mid-November and what shoes I should be taking along. This will be a “guilty pleasures” trip – just me and DH doing all our favorite dining, fireworks and rides sans encumbrances (read that: kids and grandkids).

So, here’s my solution:

Thanks guys! I hadn’t thought about Crocs before this, but I have to admit these are the most comfy shoes, ever! And with Disney bling, to boot!

In all fairness to DH, he only sanctions me wearing them at WDW. His comment when I was set to go walking around the neighborhood to “break them in” was that I could only do so if I wore a sign that read: My husband was not at home when I left the house . . . :rofl:


Congrats on the new shoes! DH will be getting a brand new pair of Crocs for Christmas in preparation for our January trip! His will just be plain black though :wink:

My wife loved her Crocs. Admittedly, Crocs are not the most…uh…stylish of footwear.

But I tried Crocs and hated them (and not just how they looked).

Ok, where did you get those? LOL. :star_struck:

Shop disney, but of course :grin:
They’re called Briar Rose Gold Clogs for Adults by Crocs. Thanks for inspiring me!

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Glad you find Crocs comfortable. I can’t get past the feeling I am wearing shower shoes with no support. Not an insult just my feet talking. lol

Would you say these run true to size? The last pair of crocs I bought (my friend overnighted them to our hotel last Disney trip!) were large. According to the size chart on shopdisney I would be a 6 and I’m normally a 7.

I wear a 7.5 shoe generally and I got size 8 for the crocs. They’re wide, but that just makes them extra comfy for me. I had bunion surgery 3 years ago so I’m extra careful about not having my toes squished, and Crocs are great for that. If you’re between sizes I’d err on the bigger size, the size difference has more to do with the length. They’re all comically wide anyway :wink:. I tried a 7 in Crocs pumps and they are too short for me.