Shoes for Shorties

Okay, this is a pretty random question, but I thought if anyone would know it would be this group. We are going to be in DL for 3 days for a big family reunion – 19 people, 7 kids under 8. My three year old is the youngest and is really close to 40 inches in bare feet. Any idea if there are shoes with a thick heal that will push him over the edge? He’s a daredevil and loves to keep up with the big kids, so I know he’ll be totally bummed if he’s kept off the big kid rides. Thanks in advance!

Many sneakers have thick treads, have him try on different pairs and measure him with them on.

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If he is able to barely make it, be sure to do the 40" rides in the morning when he’ll be taller. We all get shorter as the day wears on.

I’ve read a lot of people use cowboy boots for this purpose. There were some Frozen ones that were very popular for girls and that really caught on. I think cowboy boots are so uncomfortable though, so I’d bring a backup pair of shoes. Kids don’t seem to notice their shoes hurting the same way adults do though.

OK I have seen this used at a local park near me so it might work at Disney. Have you ever seen the shoes with roller skates in them. They are like regular sneakers but are much thicker since they have to have room for the rollers. Here is an example.

Hopefully this helps.

Unfortunately, those are on the list of items Disney does not allow in the parks.

You know I never even thought to check for a list of things that I can not bring. Yeap my suggestion is listed as a no go. For those of you are interested these are the things we can not bring.

It says permitted in the link but it is really the not permitted ones.