Shockingly low Slinky Dog Time—Too Good to Be True?

Holly July 10. HS6 crowd level. Park opens to plebeian masses 8am. To EMH folks 7am. Playing with morning options, bfreakfast, in order to maybe have shot at Jedi signup. But weird thing, If we do bfast 7:45-8:30, EMH folks there 90 minutes, rest of the universe there 30, but at 8:30. I get a mere 16 minute wait for Slinky Dog. (Non-TSL but only 11 minutes for TOT @ 9:45. Really?) I mean, that would be great, but seems wildly unrealistic if the TSL crowd is 1/10 the amount of Pandora last summer. Here is my plan so far if it helps (keeps evolving):
@len any thoughts if this could be really real? It all seems low. Maybe TOT legit if everyone’s in TSL, but Slinky really so low?

I don’t think you’ll be able to trust wait times for TS rides at all for the first several months. It took at least that long for Pandora estimates to be accurate.


Going to ask my kids if they even care before I add in a break after to try to make it more accurate. They are not yet big roller coaster fans. And they are certainly not fans of standing in lines of more than 30 minutes. And they love TSMM too much to FP it, assuming the FPs are in tiers. If we go early, they will care more about Jedi training.

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agree. With no data available, there is absolutely no way TP can make an accurate estimate (or any estimate at all). I suppose any wait listed is just a placeholder, probably not even a guess, b/c if I was gonna just guess, I would guess at least 45 minutes… :slight_smile: .

No data = unreliable wait time in your TP.

Expect FOP type lines

You think 45 min at 8:30 even with the EMH folks in at 7 and the masses in at 8? I’m worried that might be on the low side if anything like FOP last year. (But maybe not THAT bad.) Ugh, going to try to talk my kids out of this one. Maybe DH could dash from the diner with DS9 at 7:55 if DS9 cares, then maybe it’s just 30-45.

I would seriously base my guesses off the Pandora experience. If I wanted to ride Slinky Dog I would arrive to taps an hour before rope drop and head directly there. Otherwise I would expect multiple hours of wait time for the foreseeable future.

I don’t think it will hit FOP numbers… Slinky Dog is a nice attraction, but it’s not a new, latest tech e-ticket experience… There will be long lines for sure, but I’m not sure it will get to Pandora levels… Now, Star Wars next year, that’s going to be all kinds of crazy.

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The "predicted’ wait times for TSL are placeholders, at best. For the first few weeks FOP was listed as a 30 min wait when in reality it was a 3 hour wait. You’ll be there less than 2 weeks after TSL opens. It will be packed. I’m predicting that unless you are at the head of the EMH RD pack and go straight to TSL, you’ll have at least an hour wait and by mid day double that. I would say the same for the saucers because they have a low capacity and are slow to load/unload.

No I don’t really think 45 minutes… I think much longer. The point I was making is that if TP was even trying to guess… they would slot something in much longer than 16 minutes. I think the 16 is just a computer generated default placeholder.

OK! I have talked the kiddos out of the new Toy Story stuff! We want to attempt to sign up DS4 up for Jedi show majigger & eat more than the Slinky Dog, and none of us are coaster people. And the big kids are going to try… Tower of Terror! We can do other stuff future trip when we’re staying on-site. Thanks for your thoughts, all! Boy, they really give a huge advantage on new rides to those staying on-site, with a 7-day-per-week EMH.

I’ve drastically cut the time I’ve allocated to TSL. I want to walk around and take some photos but with the exception of TSMM I’m willing to skip the rides. If I see a FPP for Slinky, I’ll take it. But Disney doesn’t do white knuckle rollercoasters so I’m sure I’ll be disappointed — as I was with 7DMT.

I just hope the queue to enter TSL isn’t insane. It’s open till 11pm so maybe later in the day (during Fantasmic or Star Wars) might be the time to aim for.

I had the same sort of wait times listed for my trip in january for things like Toy Story Midway Mania. Like 7 and 11 minutes (I said I wanted to do it twice). I found them to be very surprising and I was very suspicious. And I was right to be suspicious. It was nowhere near that at ANY point in the day. (We were not there at rope drop, as the Touring Plan likely assumed we’d be but rather arrived at the park when it opened (i.e. we were going through bag check, etc.). Even so, i watched the estimated wait times on both MDE and Lines and they were never anywhere near 11 minutes, even right at rope drop. Plus, the second ride was supposed to be at 9:30 and we were there at 9:30 and that 11 minute wait was actually over 45 minutes.

So - my advice is don’t trust it.

i think it will have similar wait times to mine train did to start with, but i dont recall what they were. similar sort of ride and audience