Shockingly busy for end of January!

I’m going to WDW Jan 22-29. Crowd Calendar has it being one of the least crowded times of the year (hence my choice to go then). Yet, already, most restaurants are booked for dinner! How can this be?
Are they limiting capacity at restaurants because of COVID? Or what?

That has been a thing - scarce dining availability - for months now. It’s frustrating. And we recently learned that sometimes it’s as simple as a failure on the part of Disney to release the dining slots. Make sure you try all the various ways and keep trying. Set up res finder for the ones that are most critical.


How are you searching? Maybe try a different method or browser? I suggest this only because I have the same dates (20th-30th) and was able to book fairly easily even picking a few up in the past couple of days. When I search “dinner” nothing comes up (because of that weird glitch) but searching by individual time has been fruitful. I just double checked and can see some availability on the 22nd for Dinner in all 4 parks as well as resorts and I saw a few desirable ones for the 23rd as well (CG, Steakhouse 71). What size is your party? I have one or two I am planning on dropping (I recently adjusted my plans-not hoarding) and would be happy to coordinate that with a Liner in the hopes that you could pick it up.

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Sorry! Misplaced reply.

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I used my desktop and mobile app. Same results.

Here is a for instance, 1/24/2021, I tried both 6pm and 8pm and all but these 4 restaurants are already unavailable!


I did not know about any glitch, so I was using “Dinner” but I just tried with specific times with no difference.

3 in my party. I don’t know that I have any specific wants right now. Just trying to see what I could find. My most important one was Space 220, which I was able to get on our last night, but was trying to move it to earlier in the week, but can’t.

One tip that has been helpful for me is to search for a party of 4 even when there is only 3 in my party. Learned that here and have seen different availablity playing with party size. Overall though, I am seeing the same in-park restaurant availablity for EP on that day (we are in EP that same day, as it happens). We do opt to have more meals outside of the parks which increases our options so that does make sense in terms of how many options I am seeing when I search. Glad to hear that you got Space 220! I hesitated and didn’t book it right away and now I sort of wish we had it. Best of luck to you! I bet a bunch will open up as we get closer and people cancel.


Popping in to offer you an Oga’s post park close reservation for 3 on Monday Jan 24th at 9:55pm or alternatively Ogas for 4 on 1/28 at 9:25am. I was searching for Space 220 on a whim in the wee hours of the morning and came across these two Ogas reservations and thought of this thread so I figured I would grab them in case you were interested in Oga’s. We have a post park close reservation ourselves and are really looking forward to it (and the photos we’ll get walking out of an almost empty park) based on trip reports we’ve read. If you’re interested let me know and if not than I can offer them to the group at large.


Thanks for the offer. We are scheduled for HS on 1/26. I was able to get Oga’s at 4:15pm. I hope we don’t have to spend too much time there because we have to go to dinner at Mama’s at 4:55pm. Then Astromech Build at 8:50pm and Savi’s after park close at 9:45pm. I’m very much looking forward to being in HS after close.