Shipping Water

I am trying to finish an order for water from staples, and I am concerned I see that the USPS does not ship packages to Disney. So if I order from staples will I see my order, I am looking to order 2 cases of water. Also how to address the label.

Is it GUEST - Name
All Stars Music Front Desk, Hold for guest 10/21/14

Thanks in advance

Here is a useful article on shipping to WDW

As it mentions, you need to make sure that you order is shipped via a courier service, as UPSP does not deliver to the property directly.

I have used staples in the past no problems. I would add to my label my reservation # and also my date of arrival.

Thanks, I will hold this for my next trip, we are already home. We decided to use an extra duffel bag and load it with water. As we traveled southwest we could check 2 bags each, and we loaded one bag with water, worked fine for us.