Shipping to Disney Resort?

Has anyone shipped anything to a Disney Resort? I want to surprise my brother with his birthday gift but I don’t want to risk him finding it before our trip. How long before your trip do they keep your package?

Any tips?

We’ve shipped to several resorts over the years.

The best thing to do is to figure out how long it takes to get from origin to destination so it gets there the day you want it to. I’ve always tried to arrange package arrival for the day I get there (or the closest business day after I’m there).

So, if you use UPS, you can use the tool on their site to determine transit time. If it takes 3 days to get to Disney from your shipping location, ship it accordingly. Do not count Saturdays & Sundays as delivery days.

I wouldn’t risk leaving anything with bell services/conference/concierge for longer than the day that it gets delivered.

Also, somewhere on the package, write down something like “guest at _____” and the dates you are staying there.

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I’ll do that!!! Than you for your kind and helpful advice. I’m 11 days out… so excited

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