Shipping Things Home from the Parks

OK you enablers out there… so has anyone shipped something large (like I’m talking WDW toy monorail large) from the parks to Canada?

I’m suspecting that buying it now online won’t be any more expensive than the price I’d pay in park and that the $50 US shipping cost is probably no worse than what I’d pay down there.

If anything, it’d save me some hassle of lugging it around… providing I can find it in the parks months from now.


If you can buy it online, I’m not clear on why you would prefer to buy it there and ship it home?

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yeah I know. I’m just recoiling from that $50 shipping cost.
(And no shopDisney free shipping deals never apply to Canada, so it’ll never get better)

I would do an estimate on the shipping from the parks, but I can’t see how it would be less - certainly not less enough to make me go through that whole scene vs click purchase

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This might help w/ the pain of the shipping cost? shop Disney site

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He said he is not eligible being in Canada

opps… I should add that it’s NOT really site wide. There are items not allowed :frowning:

I thought he said he wasn’t eligible for free shipping b/c he lives in Canada :grimacing:

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That is what he said LOL My bad. I thought he said discounts in general

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Well I am not the best when I speed read :wink: I get all kinds of goofy things turned around by doing that :laughing:

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Shopping Online: ENABLED


I hope your item is eligible for the DisneyPal discount! :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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I might have used the DisneyPal code for a few things the other day myself :upside_down_face: In fact, they might already be on their way :laughing:


Sadly no. I tried and it doesn’t apply
But thanks for finding it!


Why are Canadians not allowed the discount?!?

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oh… maybe it’s that item that isn’t allowed? I ordered a pin that I had to pay regular price on but the other items were discounted 20%

@GreyingMouser May I ask if you will have discounts in the parks that you’ll be able to use? AP or DVC?

Sadly I have neither

I think it’s the item.
Originally adding it to my cart with that code secured free shipping but no other discount.
Once I went into checkout (which apparently checks your address in order to apply shipping), it removed the shipping discount as it applies only to US addresses

Drat! Well, if you happen to be near a liner w/ those discounts they’d be happy to share… I know I did that last week w/ our UK friend at FArts.

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