Shipping stuff home from WDW

I’ll be traveling lightly with DD10. We’ll have only one medium-sized suitcase each and I suspect we’re going to buy more stuff than will fit on the way home, maybe some chunky gifts from Flower & Garden. I don’t want to have to check bags so I figure the best way to get purchased items home will be to ship them.

– I’ll be staying at BC. Yacht Club has a business center so that’s an option but not super convenient.
– Can the main lobby concierge desk help me?
– Can I ship home from the store itself (for example, from Mousegear)?

Getting packing material and getting the package sealed and weighed and posted is the major challenge, I think.

What are your thoughts on shipping stuff home from WDW?

Check out this TP Blog post

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super helpful. thanks @brklinck

We had a couple of items shipped to our home from WDW while we were there a couple of weeks ago. It is a nice option. In hind sight, though, I probably would have just brought an extra suitcase - even if it was empty - because the cost of checking one more bag with the airline would have been less than the cost of the shipping. Just something to keep in mind.

I’m trying to keep our bags to carry-on only. That’s the challenge. Otherwise, the extra suitcase is a great idea.

Where at WDW did you ship from?

We shipped a Rapunzel figurine from Uptown Jewelers on Main Street and a Beauty and the Beast figurine from Bonjour Village Gifts in New Fantasyland. I think we paid about $20 apiece for shipping.

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