Shipping of Magic Bands

I got my free one last trip, and decorated it, and really liked it. There are some really cute ones I agree, and they’re convenient to use for charging. But if I was offsite, the convenience isn’t worth the cost of the cute ones since it would only be for entry and FPs. I suppose if you go a lot it might be more worth it.

Agreed, it’s an expensive thing for little benefit… but if someone were to gift you one, what character would you wish for? Tinkerbell? I’d love a Beast or Thomas O’ Malley or Robin Hood one and my brother gifted me a HM one a looong time ago when they first started selling to general public (I’m wearing it now thanks to @OBNurseNH who reminded me that it’s great jewelery!! thank you!!) which would you go for amiga?

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Ooh good question. Tink is my favourite character, or maybe a Mary Poppins one would be good. My favourite princesses are Anna, Rapunzel and Ariel, my favourite film is 101 Dalmatians (I had a Cruella cover on my last MB). So many choices!!


I think the box would potentially fit, but it might be tight. HOWEVER, would it actually get placed inside the mailbox? Very doubtful. I believe they ship UPS and anything and everything that comes in package at my house gets tossed on the front steps or left at my side door. Not even a cursory knock on the front door when I’m clearly home. My favorite was the giant box that they left blocking my side door that was so heavy that I had to wait until my husband got home to actually use said door.

I blame Amazon prime/subscribe & save, of which I am a proud diaper-purchasing member. All sarcasm aside, I don’t really care much about what they do with my packages, but I would worry about your magic band there for a month.

Oooo… nice options! Approved!

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I don’t actually care about it. The magic band is associated with my throwaway room. I’ve paid for it, so I may as well get the band. I can’t collect it from the hotel, because I’m not going there.

So I’ll have it shipped to the house I’m staying in. If I get it safely, that’s a bonus. If not, I have the one I bought last year, plus I’m getting one from my stay at the Contemporary at the end of my trip.

I’m sorry señor @profmatt but I’m kinda really paranoid. Aren’t you worried about someone making bad use of your MB and FPP and credit card or something?

They won’t have the pin so it’s useless.

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Couldn’t someone use the band for park admission? The tickets are presumably linked to it and I don’t recall needing my PIN to enter the parks. You need a fingerprint, but if it was the first use someone could possibly set it to their print. Just something I would worry about.

I was only thinking about purchases, but yes they probably could.

You can deactivate the band on MDE. And only activate it once you pick it up.

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I’m not worried about the MB being stolen because I control it from my MDE. But the discussion raises two questions:

  1. When will it appear in my MDE as an active band?

  2. When I arrive at WDW for the first time during my upcoming trip, presumably I be able to use the MB I used last year as it’s still in my MDE. But . . . will the system still remember my fingerprint? And . . . will I need to collect the physical tickets I’ve bought for this trip before I start or, as the purchase (though not the tickets) is in my MDE along with the band, will the whole thing be delightfully automated?

OK, that was three questions disguised as two.

I can only answer one. If the tickets are linked to your MDE you don’t need to collect physical tickets.

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The system will still remember your fingerprint.

I believe they show up in MDE as active bands once they ship, though I’m not 100% on that.


So we have to remember which finger we used 3 years ago?!

Yes, I’m vaguely worried about that myself.

Yes, but… the cast members will almost certainly be forgiving and invite you to try a different one if you fail the first time.

My DD10 had trouble with her fingerprint the last trip (and she’d just done her first MB that week!) and they were very patient with her finding the right finger.

Chances are, you used the index finger opposite where you wear your MagicBand - that’s super common.

My wife had this problem EVERY SINGLE TIME at Universal this year. The rest of us would get through the turnstiles no problem, but she’d be stuck there blocked for about a minute or longer trying to get the machine to recognize her finger. It wasn’t until the fourth day, while trying to get onto the Hogwart’s Express AGAIN that the employee finally told her that she should just have her photo ID ready next time to speed things up.

I used a finger on the same side, I remember that much. I think it was my thumb. I’m willing to bet DS and my parents won’t have a clue!

Congrats, you’ve just eliminated 50% of the options! At least, presuming you’re like me and have 5 fingerprint options on each of 2 hands.