Shipping of Magic Bands

As a UK customer, Disney won’t ship the free Magic Bands I get by virtue of a hotel reservation to my home. I have to pick them up at the hotel.

However, I could give Disney the address of the property I’m staying at. This property is unoccupied most of the time. Does the package containing the Magic Bands fit in a standard kerbside mailbox? If not what would the postman do with it?

Also, if the band is instead sent to my hotel for collection at check-in, is it likely that I could pick it up a few days early, as I’ll be at WDW before my check-in date.

The box is a plain, white rectangle. About 10"x3"x3". You will have to translate to cm as we don’t use that outstandingly simple system here. It will definitely fit in a standard issue US Mail box. Assuming the box is similar to this:

But they generally arrive around 3 weeks ahead of time, so it will sit for a long while in that box. All alone.

Don’t know about collecting it early at your hotel.

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I wonder if it will melt. It’ll be like it’s living in an oven for three weeks.


remember that if you have any Magicbands from past trips and they are still active, you don’t even need a new one as the old one’s will do.

The RFID locater thingie though only last for 2 years I think. I am pretty sure the contact sensor though is long lasting.

Yes you’re right. It’s a good back up plan though.


But it will fit in a standard CURBSIDE mailbox :wink:

Good morning!


Meh. Supposedly.

But I still have a Gen 1 that I used last trip. I always check to make sure it unlocks my hotel room door before I rely on it though (or any extras I bring)

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I thought you were planning to buy a new one anyway?

Isn’t it funny how you can suddenly stop liking someone.

Meh. They’re pretty expensive and the shipping makes them even more so.

I figure I could have fun mixing and matching the pucks and bands that I have / am getting free.



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Yeah I wouldn’t buy one myself even if we were offsite.

I still have several MB1.0. I used them all on my late March trip - and at least one was 4 years old.

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Actually, they are valued at several thousands of dollars/pounds each. Just sayin’.

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Did they work for the ride pics and videos? The long range stuff.

I don’t honestly recall. Sorry.

No problem! Just curious.

Don’t risk it @profmatt! Pick them up at the hotel. They may get lost or become a colorful goo in the Florida heat!!

Really? None has ever tempted you @missoverexcited? Not a single one? There are some really nice ones out there…