Shipping Lightsaber from Savi's - is this a thing?

I am going to AP preview on August 17th and building a lightsaber. What do you think my chances are of getting Disney to ship it home (I am willing to pay). Just don’t want to chance taking it on plane (or TSA confiscating it). Too big to fit in checked luggage. I’ve shipped stuff home before, just not sure if Savi’s is set up to ship or if another shop at HS would ship for me. Any thoughts?

I have been wondering the same thing.

What are the dimensions of it?

I never thought about that at all. Sorry I can’t help with your query though.

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@Thumper14 I’ve seen that text too on TSA website…just worried this is metal (weighs about 2-3 pounds) and not collapsible. Southwest has said it’s okay and counts as carryon, but worried as I will be one of the first ones traveling through Orlando and TSA may not be informed of the new lightsabers.

It is in total about 42" long and skinny (the case is essentially a pool noodle (just shorter). I know they ship droids, so I have to assume Disney will ship the lightsabers.

I’ve researched this and even the new lightsabers will count as your carry on piece should you choose to board with them.

The chances you can ship it home are almost guaranteed. Just as you would with any souvenirs that end up not fitting in your bags.

You might not be able to do so from the park itself, but the hotels will surely help you out.

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I will agree with this. Christmas 2017, I shipped a lamp home from Launch Bay and it arrived before we were back from vacation.

Thanks for all the feedback. I really appreciate it. I will ask Disney to ship, if not I’ll try hotels or shipping store. Just don’t trust TSA. I am sure it will work out, just nervous since it isn’t a cheap souvenir.

I will follow up with the answer on Disney shipping when I go on August 17th. Hopefully it is super easy and worried over nothing.


were you able to ship it home? I am going in October and am wondering this too along with how much extra the cost would be to ship it home.

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FWIW, I looked into this a bit as I intend on bringing on home to Europe, and found out it should fit diagonally in a large suitcase when the blade is detached. I imagine it would hold up fine if packed in the middle of clothing. I’ve brought bottles and other glass objects before in a hardcover suitcase.

I found this page where the author stated (in the comments) that the blade should be 31". that would fit my suitcase which is 27"x18"

Bright Suns Everyone!- sorry for not following up soon. I was posting my on the ground report in the chat and forgot about the forum. I didn’t ask Disney to ship, as I wanted to get photo pass photos with the lightsaber. I did see many, many people shipping all kinds of purchases home (or to resort/front of park) from Dok Ondar’s store. So I assume they would have done it.

I ended up shipping via Fedex Office store near Disney Springs on the day I flew home. It was classified as an oversized box and cost $40 to ship 2-day to Philly from Orlando and $18 to pack it up.

I did see many folks at the airport with droids and sabers. They count as carry ons (one gentleman only had a saber and droid as his carryons - no other luggage/bags). I heard some accounts of folks being questioned, but Managers came over and intercepted. So if questioned ask for a manager. But they do count as carryons, so gate agents will probably be strict about luggage count.

I am still glad I shipped mine, as I was one of the first through security with it and didn’t want to take the chance. Also I am short and the saber is almost as tall as I am, so I was accidentally whacking people throughout the lines in SWGE. I would hate to do that through the airport too.

TL/DR: Now that the lightsabers and droids are common place in Orlando airport. Should be no problem to carry on. If anyone questions at TSA - ask for manager. But realize it counts as a carryon.


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Awesome! I didn’t even think about the photo pass ops!

Thanks for the low down!