Shipping from a resort

Hoping someone can help. Am visiting from the UK but at the end of our trip I want to ship some stuff to an address within the US. Am staying at POFQ so we don’t have a business centre. In the UK I’d use parcel2go to order the delivery, pay for the shipping label and print it. But I am clueless as to what my options are in the US. I suspect I’ll also need to obtain a box for the shipping (unless I order something from Amazon in a big box and reuse that box.) Also guess I’ll need to print some labels - is that something concierge can do or do I need to sort that out too?

Would really appreciate it if anyone can tell me what I need to do! Thank you

Even if POFQ doesn’t have business/shipping center, most of the deluxe resorts do and anyone can use them. They even have boxes and computers for you to print out your own labels if you don’t want to use theirs.

I don’t think the concierge will do it for you, but they probably can direct you to the closest hotel with a business center.

I will also add that the business center does keep business hours, so be prepared for a 9-5, M-F restriction and plan accordingly if you can.

If it is something you buy on property, save your receipts and the gift shops at the resort will ship for you. Otherwise, I don’t know.

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