Shhh ... Don’t Tell My Sister [LIVE!] [SOLO!] Report

What’s poppin’ TP fans? You might remember my report from March where I was all set for an epic, solo adventure. Then my sister and niece showed up to “surprise” me. :roll_eyes:

Maaaaannnnn, I was mad about that for months afterwards. There may be ranting about it throughout this report.

I fly out in the early AM, but the trip has already started with me in a hotel room two hours from home. People say “You’re not saving any $ by driving there and having to pay for a room.”
I say to “It’s not the savings I seek - it’s the direct flight. Me and connecting flights don’t get along.”

Staying Deluxe this time. Yay! More later on how that came about. Meanwhile, here’s me in one of my myriad of Shop Disney purchases. (My name is TheSafetyLady and I am a Shop Disney - aholic.) :blush:


I truly LOVE the hoodie! Looking forward to your solo trip!


Hi @TheSafetyLady! I am also a Disney-aholic too! I am very excited to hear about your trip. I had a solo trip planned too in 2019, but a friend inserted herself into my plans. So I (think )understand what you are feeling. So excited you are getting a do over and I absolutely adore your hoody!

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Looking forward to your solo trip report.


What a cute hoodie!


I LOVE your shirt!!! So fun! Can’t wait to follow along!


Wow! Have a great trip!

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:raised_hand: Disneyholic here. Looking forward to following along!

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I remember!! Glad your going again!

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I do remember your March trip! Lol! Excited to follow along!

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My sister and niece inserted themselves into a celebration trip, but at least only two out of 7 days. :grin:


Thanks for following along. I’m so excited for this trip. It’s much needed. It’s Thursday. I told my sister about this trip on Tuesday. :laughing:
I wasn’t taking any chances with that chick. She means well, but no …
She just returned from a stay at a posh resort in California, so I don’t think she wants to shell out Disney $$ at this point. Fingers crossed.

Speaking of California, this was supposed to be a Disneyland trip. I was so excited to be staying at. the Disneyland Hotel for the first time. It still pains me to have canceled that trip. Maybe next year …

I can’t sleep, ya’ll. Shuttle to the airport at 4:30.
May as well stay awake and catch up on your trip reports. And read up on best strategies for getting a BG for ROTR seeing as how I failed miserably in March.


I hope you are able to make it there sometime! I’ve had a Disneyland trip scheduled since April that keeps getting pushed back month after month. No way it will happen in December now.


Have a safe trip and fun trip! Looking forward to following along!

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Good morning, everyone.
I don’t understand why my phone’s facial recognition doesn’t recognize me. :grin:

Trying this out for the airport and flight. It’s harder than I anticipated. Everything is blurry/foggy.
And I don’t care for these throw away masks. They feel hot to me. Not used to wearing this style. And the strings make my face itch. Not a complaint - more like an observation.


I like my cloth masks but I prefer the disposable ones. I don’t think I’d like a visor. You do look pretty safe though! Have a good flight!


This is exciting! I’m here for it! You look great and ready to go.

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Have a wonderful trip!!! Thanks for taking us along! The visors are a bit annoying but good idea. Can’t wait to follow along

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Despite getting boarding group B36, I ended up with some extra leg room.


:notes: Ready to begin. Let the wonder take hold … :notes: