Shenkle list for April 2018 trip

This is our list of first and for this to be my 4th trip in 10 years I’m kind of surprised at how many new things we did.

  1. Went to Poly and ate at O’hana
  2. Went with my mom and used an ECV
  3. Went with a toddler
  4. Toured with Kermit
  5. Was up early to do a true rope drop all 3 Park days we had.
  6. Visited guest services
  7. Participated in a memory maker share group
  8. Traveled on the magical express both ways
  9. Explored Pandora (day and night time)
  10. Rode Novi and FoP
  11. New restaurants: Crystal Palace, dinner at BOG (had lunch last time), Satuli’s canteen, Boma, LeCellier, Teppen Ado, Garden Grille
  12. Went to Animal Kingdom Londge (Ate at Boma)
  13. Visited Rafiki’s Planet watch and affection station
  14. Getting up at 5:30 every morning
  15. Meeting new characters: Doc McStuffins, Rafiki, Baloo, King Louie, Lilo, Stitch, Merida
  16. We didn’t swim the whole time
  17. Being cold in Florida
  18. I wore my hair down because I wasn’t hot!
  19. I wore a jacket
  20. We got rained on
  21. Had a silhouette done
  22. Decorated our room window
  23. Made thank you cards for cast members and characters (learned that if we do them again it’s better to skip the envelopes)
  24. We requested a different room at check in
  25. Being given a gift (toy) by a cast member
  26. Ordered an adult drink or a few (had plenty but not at Disney)
  27. Using touring plans app and plan (mostly stuck to it and had a glorious time!!) I’ve used the unofficial guide before and it was helpful but the app and my personal plan were amazing!!

Looking at going back in February for Princess Races and looking at new things to try. :slight_smile: