Sharing plates on dining plan

We currently have the standard dining plan for the 7 of us and we have more TS meals ADR’d than we have credits for. We’re planning on paying for some of the meals out of pocket, but is it possible to save some credits by having some people in the party share plates. Like if we order 6 meals and use 6 credits, could the 7 of us just eat family style? Does it matter if it’s a character meal or a F!, CP, or RoL dining package ?

Totally fine in all locations except buffet

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If it’s a dining package, you’ll only get 1 ticket per credit used.

Is it a fixed price to pay out of pocket for the show packages? Like, what happens if we show up to our CP package meal and just order the cheapest thing on the menu for each of us?

I think they are a fixed price. I’ve only done the F! package at H&V which is obviously a buffet so there was no ordering the cheapest thing. I know there’s s surcharge for dining packages though, so it must be a fixed menu/price.

We share meals all over WDW. The ladies that have already posted are correct. You cannot share at a buffet, character meal, or if you are using a dining package. What we’ve done is “banked” points by limiting the number of meals we eat at that require everyone to have their own meal. We will do a few of those, but when we can, we share. We are then able to either stretch the points into the day we checkout, or we are able to use them to eat at signature restaurants. We were successful last summer in “taking” WDW for about $400 based on what we paid for the meal plan & what we ordered versus what it would cost out of pocket. Many of the restaurants’ portion sizes are plenty for 2 people unless they are massive eaters.

You absolutely CAN use if you’re on the dining plan. You just would debit your account for 1 credit vs 2.

Then how would you all get your seating pass for the show you want to see? For example, when we did a package for Candlelight Processional, we all had to have our own meal so we all got our sticker for the reserved seating.

Oh wait - you said packages (like ROL, Fantasmic), I read plan.



Haha! ok. I thought you knew a trick I didn’t. Anytime I can share a meal, I will. I had gastric surgery and eating my own meal is really a waste. I refuse to do it OOP. However on the DDP, I will do it because I can make up for it with other meals by “banking” credits.

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So there’s no real way to bank credits at a character meal?

Nope, otherwise people would order one cupcake and waters for everyone.

Yes, fixed price with CP, F! packages. Mama Melrose includes an app with the F! package

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FWIW, around a year ago the appetizer went by the wayside at MM for the F! package. A shame as it was one of the few times I ever got something for nothing from Disney. But now you just get drink, entree, dessert with the Fantasmic! package at Mama Melrose’s…

Still a solid deal, but not as good of a deal unfortunately…

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