Sharing plates at sci-fi

I snatched up an adr for the breakfast at sci-fi. This will actually put us over on our TS credits for ddp, but will fill a big hole I had in my tp, so I was thinking about just paying out of pocket. We are not really big breakfast eaters, so I was wondering if it was okay to share plates. Is this frowned upon? Will they tell me a big, fat, NO? We’d definitely still tip for 4 people.

Side note: Are the clips they play frightening at all? I have a son who would love this sci-fi type of thing, but my daughter (3) is going through her “I’m scared of anything that moves” phase.

I shared a burger with my wife at Sci-fi in September. The CM brought the halfs out in separate baskets to make it easier for us. No problem at all.

You can share plates at any TS or CS that isn’t a buffet or family style. Just tip for two…