Sharing Personal Touring Plans & 4th PP app with Rest of Family

I will be working on transferring my PTPs to rest of family this weekend.

4 years ago, had no trouble transferring PTPs to Ds, who is still connected. Not sure why we haven’t been able to send them to rest of family, who want to actually see them this year.

My son is working on it with his Dbil (also on this trip), who happens (luckily) to be an IT professional.

  1. Any advice you can give me (& them) to facilitate? I’ve been emailing back & forth with TP IT all week, without the guys’ help. They were very patient with me, then I realized it’s easier for the pros in my family to take over from here.

  2. I know my Ds had been able to see TP wait times b/c connected. Does that mean he’ll also be able to set up 4th etc FPPs on his Iphone now (that option wasn’t available at parks on our last trip

Thanks, Forum friends, for any advice you can give me (& us). As some of you know, I’m much more often on Chat. But for this kind of a project, a lot easier to discuss it on the Forum format.

Oh, I should clarify: I hope it didn’t sound like ^ that I said the TP IT was no help, they were really great.

What I meant to be saying: my Ds & his Dbil weren’t of help during this past week. They really haven’t gotten involved in this yet.