Sharing Memory Maker

I'm looking into purchasing the Memory Maker package for the first time. We're going with another family that's already linked to us in MDE. When I purchase Memory Maker can I link everyone in both families so we can split the cost? Thanks for the help!

According to the memory maker page, yes you can all share. Just make sure that you select the preferences that allow your friends and family to view and share with you.
memory maker FAQ

I'm still confused even after reading all the FAQ's. There will be 8 people in our group. Will I be able to link all 8 people up to the Memory Maker package? So each member of our group would be able to scan their magic band when taking a picture and it would show up in MDE for download at the end of our trip?

Yes I just asked the same question in a new topic and am confused too. I have the exact same problem, 8 of us in the party and we will not always be together!!!