Sharing Memory Maker Question

The marching band my nephew belongs to will be performing in the World in April 2017. Several of us family members are going down to watch him perform and take in the parks. I am not sure if the band members receive a magic band or card for park admission (my hunch is a card), but I was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to link his card to our group’s memory maker account. I was wondering if this is possible, so that he will be able to get PhotoPass pictures taken when he is with his friends and put into our Memory Maker account to download later for him.

If the card they give him can be linked to our memory maker account, will it include the extras like ride pictures?

Thanks in advance!

Are they staying onsite? If so they’ll get a magic band. If not he can always buy one either before the trip from the website or at the parks.

He can make an MDE account and link it to the one that has a memory maker on it, or can just be added to your account and you can link the magic band to it.

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They’re not staying on site. I do like your idea of getting him one before the trip and linking it to the account. Good suggestion. Thanks!:+1:

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A Magic Band would make life simpler - but even with just a card as long as he’s linked, he can scan that with the photographers. For ride photos, the ones you scan after he could scan the card as well. The ones that just happen (7DMT is the only one I’m thinking of right now that has the long range magic band sensor for photoes, but there may be others I’m forgetting) he would only get with a Magic Band.

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